Stunning Hair Colors for 2023 Fall

13th September 2023

“I wanted to add lighter warm shades to my dark brown hair. Mai did an excellent job! I love it, and I get a lot of compliments.”

Cynthia L.

Fall arrives with fabulous colors. As the leaves change from green to shades of brown, red, orange and yellow, follow the desire to welcome the autumn days with a new hairstyle, or if you do not want a complete transformation, just slightly upgrade your hair color.

After the summer months, many of our clients are looking to change their hair color. The hot summer sun can be tough on your hair, making it look overly lightened, so the new season is the perfect time for getting back your hair's bright, healthy look. Style your hair with carefully placed soft highlights or opt for a full balayage in colors that resonate with the warm autumn tones.

If you need some inspiration, here are some colors that'll be trending this fall:

  • Caramel-brownie and cinnamon-red are the perfect colors to add dimension to light brown hair.
  • Amethyst balayage, emerald green and Barbie pink are great options to make your hair look vibrant and bold.
  • Chocolate, hazelnut, copper, red and toffee-chocolate highlights will add more texture and depth to natural dark hair.

Get Your New Hair Color at Plaza Hair Salon

Balayage and ombre are still trending this fall, and we love to create them as it's an excellent way to play with the hair's texture, color and tone. For our client's balayage we hand-painted gold and copper highlights to the dark brown base to add more texture, depth and volume. This warm-toned balayage will grow out naturally with no obvious regrowth line, so our client will have a beautiful and easy-to-maintain hairstyle during the fall months.

When you want to get a brown to gold and copper balayage, going to an experienced and skillful hairstylist is essential. We invite you to make an appointment at our San Diego-based hair salon; we can ensure that our professional hairstylists will do the lightening process safely and combine the selected colors to achieve the desired look that complements and compliments your skin tone and haircut.

Hair Color Inspiration for 2023 Fall

Whether you want smooth transitions or extravagant color combinations for this fall, ombre and balayage are perfect hairstyles to add warm and bright shades to your hair, making it look stunning and healthy.

To help you decide on what hairstyle to choose, here are some of our recommendations:

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