Dark Brown to Chestnut Ombre at Plaza Hair Salon

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10th August 2019

“I never tried ombre before, I thought it is not for me, but Mai convinced me. The result is amazing!”

Amy A.

Balayage and Ombre are perfect for summer. After all we spend a lot of time in the sun all summer, whether that's on the beach, at the pool, or on a city tour. Whether you prefer naturally sun-kissed look or dramatic vibrant tresses, there’s a style for everyone. If your hair is naturally dark brown and you prefer to keep that as your base, look no further than this subtle dark brown to chestnut ombre. We painted our client's dark-brown hair to seamlessly meld in dimensional warm chestnut tones. I find this as one of the perfect looks to achieve for dark-haired women. The result is amazing: while the roots stay dark brown, the hair slowly lighten down the length in subtle, undulating chestnut highlights throughout the hair to the most highlighted point at the ends. The effect is a smooth transition without a visible line that separates dark brown from the lighter chestnut. Thanks to this seamless color transition, our client's hair will grow out naturally without the need for color-correcting shampoo or up checks at our salon.

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Get Your Elegant Ombre at Plaza Hair Salon

To achieve this beautiful dark brown to chestnut ombre we blended the dark brown out to a brassy chestnut and we are amazed by the result! The dark brunette locks melt to shades of warm chestnut. However, when it comes to ombre, there are so many options available, that making a decision can be hard. At our San Diego-based hair salon we can make the decision-making process a whole lot easier and also help to find the perfect style for you. Before you decide which ombre you want for your hair, here are a few things you should consider:

  • whether you want a subtle or a vivid ombre
  • what colors you like to wear
  • also take your natural hair color and skin tone into consideration
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