A Classy Brown to Grey Ombré

by in Ombre
15th May 2022

“I was not sure how this grey ombré will look on my hair. I love it!”

Ava L.

Grey hair color has increased popularity these days, and if you pair it with the ombré technique, the result is a classy and sexy hair color. There is a range of grey ombré hair from subtle to bold versions and this classic brown to gray ombré never fails to amaze. This hairstyle works on any hair type no matter what style and texture and will always make quite an impression.

Our client’s hair is darker at the roots and transitions smoothly into grey as it goes down to the tips. The rich brown tones blend seamlessly with cool grey hues resulting in a gorgeous contrast.

Opt for grey ombré to bring your hair color to life

Many of our clients love this style because they can still keep their natural brown hair color at the roots.

You can wear and style your grey ombré in so many ways, no matter what you choose, we can assure you that it will always look amazing. When it comes to grey ombre, there are so many options available, visit our San Diego-based hair salon, so we can help you find the perfect hair colors to blend, taking your natural hair color and skin tone into consideration. Before you decide which ombré you want for your hair, here are a few more options for your inspiration:

  • Black to grey ombré
  • Light Brown to grey ombré
  • Blonde to grey ombré  
  • Purple to grey ombré 

Are you interested in trying this hairstyle? Our professional hairstylists, specialized in the latest hair color techniques, will dye your hair,  creating a color graduation from the dark brown to light grey tones to achieve a natural look. The brown and grey hues complement one another, resulting in a multidimensional hairstyle with more volume and texture.

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