Ombre for Brunettes

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25th August 2022

“I wanted to try a new hair color, so I went to Mai and got a brown to chestnut ombre. Thanks, Mai, for this amazing color.”

Jade S.

Hair trends come and go, but ombre and balayage will never really go out of fashion. Since ombre burst onto the fashion scene, many of our clients have asked for it. The technique requires low maintenance and it looks stunning, making it a perfect choice for busy women. You'll find images of ombre hairstyles all over the internet, mostly in light color combinations. Still, this popular hair coloring technique offers a wide range of possibilities for brown or dark brown hair.

Ombre Inspiration for Natural Brunettes

Whether you want smooth, elegant color transitions or dramatic and extravagant color combinations, ombre is a perfect hairstyle if you want to try new shades without a drastic change. There are ombre hairstyles with a smooth transition from brown to reddish or ashy undertones, or the more dramatic versions with a strong contrast of brown and blue, green, pink, or violet shades.

To help you decide on what ombre to choose, here are some of our favorites:

Get Your Ombre Hairstyle at Plaza Hair Salon

To achieve this beautiful dark brown to caramel and honey blonde ombre, we blended the natural dark brown roots out to a brassy chestnut and soft honey blonde at the ends. We love the result: the dark brown seamlessly melts into shades of chestnut and blonde.

When it comes to ombre, countless options are available, so making a decision about the hair colors can be difficult. At our San Diego-based hair salon, we can help with the decision-making and recommend the perfect style for you, considering the following aspects:

  • whether you prefer a subtle or a dramatic color transition
  • your haircut
  • what colors do you like to wear
  • your natural hair color and skin tone
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