Soft Caramel Ombre with Blonde Highlights at Plaza Hair Salon

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01st August 2019

“I just wanted some warm colors to freshen up my long wavy tresses. Mai suggested to spice up the caramel ombre with blonde highlights. The result speaks for itself. ”

Anna H.

If you’re looking for a trendy hairstyle for your long, wavy hair this summer, we highly suggest this soft caramel ombre with blonde highlights. Some may have labeled ombre as the lazy women’s hairstyle, but no one can't deny that this low-maintenance hairstyle is simply mesmerizing.

With ombre, you can go soft, bold, natural or extremely colorful with endless choices. If you're looking for a warmer, dimensional color transition for this summer, this warm caramel ombre with soft blonde highlights is a perfect choice.

Beautiful Warm Tones for Long Wavy Hair

When you opt for this hairstyle we create the look with a color graduation from darker to light caramel tones at the roots to blonde highlights toward the ends, keeping in mind the length of the hair to achieve a natural look. The warm caramel tones, and the soft blonde highlights blend together and complement one another resulting in a multidimensional look with more volume and texture.

Ombre with blonde highlights is perfect for those who want an elegant hairstyle with an effortless sun-kissed look. It fascinates me the way how the warm caramel tones blends seamlessly into the blonde highlights on this long, naturally wavy hair.

You don’t need extra measures for styling your hair when getting an ombre, just keep in mind the following essential steps to maintain it healthy:

  • Wash it only with a color-preserving sulfat-free shampoo and deep conditioner.
  •  Treat bleached ends with hair masks and deep conditioning treatment once a week.
  •  Get trims regularly, your hair is more prone to breakage and split ends after the bleaching.

Get Your Ombre Hairstyle at Plaza Hair Salon

Reasons to get ombre with blonde highlights:

  • It is elegant and chic with an effortless sun-kissed look
  • It needs low-maintenance
  • Adds texture and volume to your long hair
  • It is the prettiest hairstyle for long wavy hair

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