Natural Brown Hair to Copper Balayage

16th April 2018

“I just love my hair now. This balayage technique was the best choice I ever made at a salon. Thanks, Simone!”

Ashley J.

Balayage is a popular highlighting technique among stars, celebrities, and everyday women. If you have naturally brown hair and you want to have a glamorous look like Jessica Biel or Lily Aldridge, you should consider having a brown to copper Balayage.

Balayage in French means to sweep or to paint. It’s a hair coloring technique where the color is applied freehanded. Balayage involves lightly painting just the surface of the hair near the root and moving down to cover the ends in dye fully. It creates natural looking glamorous hair.

There are so many possibilities for balayage.  You should consult with our hairstylist first and choose the right colors for your skin and personality. Copper tones are warm and work so well in the summer. Bright copper low lights will add a hint of color to your natural brown hair. It will look great down as well as tied back.

Perfect Choice to Fix Highlights or a Bad Balayage

This highlighting technique requires skill and experience, so make an appointment at the Plaza Hair Salon, and let our professionals help you with suggestions and give your hair a fresh new glamorous look. Balayage looks simple, but its effortlessness depends on your stylist’s experience and skill. The beautiful copper highlights look warm and bright with natural brown hair on short, middle-length or long hair. Very chic, very glamorous, it adds multi tones and dimension to your hair. It will give you a perfectly fresh and sexy look for this spring and summer.

Keratin Treatment After the Hair Coloring

Frizzy, curly or damaged hair needs keratin treatment after balayage. The result will be a healthy, smooth, beautiful brown hair with bright copper highlights.

That will include more steps so you really need to be patient and let our hairstylists do her job. For more information, you can check out our blog about keratin treatment.

Keratin treatment comes after the hair coloring. You can have both balayage and keratin treatment on the same day but hair coloring comes first.

It’s also important to follow some steps after your balayage and keratin treatment and for that, you can get all the information from our professionals. You should not wet your hair in any way the first three days after your keratin treatment, avoid rain, swimming or using shampoo hairspray or gel. After the critical three days of your keratin treatment, our advice is to use sulfate-free shampoo and conditioners and to generally use high-quality hair care products to maintain the results longer.

Get Your Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon!

If you decided to add some extra brightness to your natural brown hair for this spring and summer, call for an appointment at the Plaza Hair Salon. If you have old highlights or balayage that does not look good anymore and need a fresh new look, call us now at 858.485.7551 or email us at for your appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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