Getting Your Haircut for the US Open at Torrey Pines

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26th April 2021

“When you're looking forward to a special event you will take part in you want to make sure everything is perfect. To have your hair spot-on for the 2021 US Open at Torrey Pines choose Plaza Hair Salon.”


Golf enthusiasts are eager to come to California this June for the US Open happening at the Torrey Pines Golf Course in the Torrey Pines Reserve, La Jolla. This is a very special and long-awaited event for San Diego local golfers and golf fans alike.

The best thing about this year's US Open is that it has been decided that fans will be allowed on-site, although in significantly lower numbers than before. So, if you are among the lucky ones that managed to secure a spot for the championship you will surely want to make sure everything is on point. Including your hair.

Don't Let Your Hair Get in the Way of Your Game

Because San Diego is a great golfing destination that has several great golf courses, the area attracts quite a large number of golf enthusiasts and we've had the pleasure of helping them get their desired haircut and found out more about the local golfing stage. One of our regular local clients is Julio Sanchez, he owns a local vacation rental business in the nearby Cardiff-by-the-Sea and he is an avid golfer that always comes in for a haircut before an important game. He says that: "Every couple of weeks I get a haircut then head to the course. I feel like it slightly improves my game making me more confident and relaxed."

After the championship is over the course will be open for golfers to play on which is something any golf enthusiast wishes for. We know from our previous experience that having long and rebel hair can really get in the way of your game so our experts are here to provide you with the best haircut, tailored to your needs.

There are several ways in which getting a haircut can influence your game, such as:

  • it increases your confidence levels
  • it helps you keep your hair in check on windy days
  • it takes your mind off your hair and increases your focus on the game

Get Your Desired Haircut at Plaza Hair Salon!

Men and women alike are very satisfied after getting a haircut from any of our stylists. If you want to make sure your hair will be in the best shape for the US Open you can count on us. Call Plaza Hair Salon to schedule your haircut with Mai or any of our experienced hair styling experts at 858.485.7551.

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