Trendy Fashion Hairstyles in San Diego & Poway Area

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15th September 2023

“This hairstyle makes me feel fabulous. Thank you, ladies!”

Elle F.

At the beginning of fall, we are rushing back to our favorite stylists for a do-over or something new. We encourage you to call for an appointment with Plaza Hair Salon today, as you'll find a wide variety of available shades for our talented hairstylists to apply depending on your natural base color so that you start this new season with awe-inspiring healthy hair.

For some inspiration, here are some of the most popular hair colors in the San Diego & Poway area:

Light blonde tones never go out of style

Warm-blonde highlights are still trending this fall; ladies, blonde balayage and beachy waves will never go out of style in the surfer's paradise. Many clients prefer the light blonde shades because they look natural and give their hair an effortlessly chic touch.

Marylin Monroe and Pamela Anderson-inspired light buttery blonde shades get more attention this fall. So whether you opt for styling your hair with carefully placed light blonde highlights or choose to go with a full honey blonde balayage, your new haircolor will definitely turn some heads.

Just remember that it'll take some major toning to maintain this color, so wash it with purple shampoo once a week to keep your color fresh.

Coffee-inspired hair colors for brunettes

Vanilia latte is one of the lightest hair colors, with a blonde base and darker tresses that make the hair look thicker. Macchiato hair color is a blend of caramel and espresso, with both cool and warm tones, where the dark brown base gradually lightens with highlights.

Milk chocolate brown is Southern California's #1 brunette shade for fall 2023. Its neutral base suits any skin tone or eye color. Spiced-up chestnut brown is one of fall's hottest hair colors, with warm tones that look stunning this season. Our hair stylists can help you choose the coffee-inspired tones that best suite your skin tone.

Reddish tones for a gorgeous fall vibe 

The warm red, copper, and orange tones are definitely the colors of the Fall. These reddish shades bring an awe-inspiring mix of subtle red tones on naturally light brown hair, which is ideal for an autumn feel, so bronze and coppery hair colors are the most fashionable this season. We recommend these tones to those who want to change their color without lightening or darkening. Style your hair with carefully placed bronze highlights, or opt for a full balayage that resonates with this season’s warm tones.

More hairstyle inspo for ladies in the San Diego & Poway area

    • Layered curls - this is a perfect choice for those with naturally wavy long hair. Wavy curls are excellent for framing the face while giving a natural look. This hairstyle is a top favorite for many Hollywood stars and celebs.
    • Beachy waves - this hairstyle is the perfect laid-back addition to any outfit and will make your look seem effortlessly chic and sexy.
    • Wispy updo - it's a loosely pinned-up sexy hairstyle, recently showcased by Margot Robbie at the Barbie movie premiere. Models like Kate Moss have also experimented with this updo.
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