Locals Love Our Hair Salon in 4S Ranch and Poway

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24th November 2023

“Plaza Hair Salon has a warm, relaxing atmosphere where I feel pampered and at ease. Not to mention that the staff is super friendly.”

Lilly V.

Many of our customers are 4S Ranch and Poway residents. At Plaza Hair Salon, we know that a hair salon isn’t just a place where you go to get a haircut, hair treatment, or an up-do. For many of our clients, our salon is a place where they can relax and feel pampered. Hence, our clients' satisfaction are at the forefront of our business.

A stylish and pleasant aesthetic environment is essential to our clients’ choice when coming to our hair salon. They look for a salon in which they are welcome and at ease. Therefore, we designed and created our hair salon's interior decor with our customers' comfort in mind.

Also, we are fully aware that hygiene in a hair salon is not only mandatory but also reassuring to clients. Therefore, we carefully clean and sanitize all areas, from the reception desk to the styling stations. We put a lot of work into creating a warm and inviting salon atmosphere, as it’s a pampering place for our clients, but it's also like a second home for our staff.

Flawless customer service at Plaza Hair Salon

At Plaza Hair Salon, we keep ourselves informed and educated on the newest hair trends and provide multiple services covering all your beauty needs, taking care of anything that has to do with your hair, including:

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We are up-to-date regarding the newest hair trends and hair care products, which helps us deliver the very best care to our clients. Our clients also appreciate that we accept walk-ins; they come in, and we can usually serve them within 5 to 30 minutes for regular haircuts and 30 minutes to 1 hour for complex treatments. Our hair salon was established as a result of Mai’s hard work and dedication to her life-long passion. She passed her knowledge on to her team at the salon, so all services are performed using the best techniques in the industry.

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