Prom and Homecoming Hairstyles at Plaza Hair Salon

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11th May 2018

“At Plaza Hair Salon we offer prom and homecoming hairstyle services for teenagers. Schedule an appointment and we will take care of your hair.”


Proms and homecomings are important moments from everybody’s high school life. Even if you are a former student or you are still studying there, your participation in such a reunion must be an event to-be-remembered.

Top Prom and Homecoming Hairstyles for Teenage Girls

‘Prom-season’ – usually organized between April and June. Obviously, every girl and boy dreams to be the queen or king of such a high-class event. At Plaza Hair Salon, we realize fabulous hairstyles for such big events.

Homecoming is seen as a semi-formal event which supposes gathering together former students from a college. It usually takes place in the fall and it lasts for a week time.

Waterfall of Curls

Everybody will be surprised by your braids and curly hair bold combination. The waterfall effect brings originality, elegance and, of course, many compliments.

Half Braid and Straighten

A chic homecoming hairstyle is a straightened hair with elegant twists under a half fishtail braid. The straightened hair let down is a surprising element and the twisted curls give always a mysterious look.

Gorgeous Balayage Hairstyles

If you want a new look, a balayage can make you feel like a queen. You can experience many colors and get rid of your boring locks by adding new shades and natural highlights to your hair. A purple rain floral inspired balayage is a popular choice for teenage girls on prom. Balayage always looks good with the bangs and used mostly by the girls who want to recover their natural hair color. Purple and blond is an inspired choice for a balayage hair due to the powerful contrasts between light blonde and dark purple. Balayage’s greatest advantages are the natural look and no need of coloring your roots. Blorange has revolutionized the market of original colors in 2018. Blonde and orange mixed in a similar rose gold combination, softer, girlish and suitable for the teenagers.

Soft Ombre

Soft colors always make a good impression, as the transition from one color to another is even more effective from the top to the tips of the strand.

French Braid Bun

The classic bun gets style with a French braid and creates a ravishing, yet feminine style. Buns have the advantages that they can be modified according to the event, makeup and appearance. Buns are extremely versatile and never considered old fashioned.

Classy Updo

A touch of elegance on a classy updo is the best choice for any formal occasion. More volume left on top makes the difference between casual and formal looks. This style is suitable for many face shapes and requires medium length or longer hair.

A textured updo made from swirls and curls will definitely give you an elegant style. A beautiful long hair twisted in the back gives the impression of a fabulous faux bob in the front. This hairstyle is suitable for all face shapes. Curly and straight hair match it perfectly, too.

Top Prom and Homecoming Hairstyles for Teenage Boys

Proms are excellent occasions for everybody to look glamorous and chic. Not only the girls but also the boys want to choose a modern haircut that makes them feel unique. At Plaza Hair Salon we realize all kinds of haircuts, from simple and natural to elegant and sophisticated hairstyles.

Crew Cut

This is a timeless haircut that men adore. The sides and back are short-haired. On top, the crew cut is longer and tampered. The shortest is the hair, the easiest is its stylizing.

Long Curls on Top

An ideal choice for a boy with an oval face as it will seem smaller due to the curls that are let down. This haircut brings luminosity and elegance to your overall appearance.

Pompadour Comb Over

Elegant and suitable for most face shapes, this hairstyle keeps the long hair away from the forehead. If you want a modern eye-catching hairstyle, then pick Pompadour Comb Over.

At Plaza Hair Salon we combine creativity and style to offer the teenagers comfort and confidence. We choose the right haircut no matter if you are curly, straight or wavy-haired.

Faux Hawk

A good haircut starts with an undercut, meaning a very short hair on the sides. A thick line of your hair will be shaved off to help the other hair standout. The spikes on top of the head can be waxed and stylized for a natural look.

Soft Taper with Texture Cut

This sophisticated haircut is a combination of a thick mass of hair and some smoothness. At Plaza Hair Salon we brush back the top and use some tools to make natural waves in your hair.

Ivy League Haircut

All your friends will be impressed by the Ivy League haircut. The addition of some little pompadour will make you look stylish.

At Plaza Hair Salon, we service all students at our local high schools for proms and homecomings. Here is a list of local schools in Rancho Bernardo and vicinities, of which students we serve yearly during prom and homecoming:

  • Mission Hills High School
  • Escondido High School
  • San Pasqual High School
  • Rancho Bernardo High School
  • Poway High School
  • Del Norte High School
  • Abraxas High School
  • Mt. Carmel High School
  • Westview High School
  • Innovations Academy
  • Scripps Ranch High School
  • Mira Mesa High School
  • University City High School

Prom & Homecoming Hairstyles at Plaza Hair Salon

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