The Chinese New Year Celebration at Hair Plaza Salon

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17th February 2016

“It was beautiful and the food was delicious, Thanks for the invite.”


They say that opening your doors on Chinese New Year's day allows good fortune in and brings luck to all your guests. Plaza Hair Salon opened its doors to all their friends and we had an amazing time celebrating the beginning of the Year of the Monkey in style.

We all laughed and had fun together, just like a big, warm family. We talked about our Chinese zodiac signs and what The Year of the Fire Monkey had in store for us. We were enthusiastic to discover that this year was seen as a great opportunity for new beginnings, for innovation, for setting the most ambitious goals and fulfilling them (and for new hair colors, as the Chinese zodiac is very specific about this kind of things).

The hairstylists here, at Plaza Hair Salon, are a real team, but now the team grew larger, with clients and partners joining in, sharing their dreams and ambitions for the future (new, daring haircut ideas included). Of course, the party wouldn't have been as fabulous without the traditional Chinese New Year food. "Lucky food", as it is called: dumplings (for prosperity, as they resemble ancient gold), noodles (as long as possible, they say, for long life) and of course, fish (to avoid bad luck and attract abundance). Anyway, the food was lucky to be delicious and we were all lucky to see what the party had to offer next. The Dragon Dance, of course. What would the Chinese New Year be without those supernatural, colorful, cutely fierce mythological creatures? They proved to be a friendly bunch after all as they allowed us to take lots of pictures together in front of the salon. But nobody tried to do the dance, as this was something really magical, that only Chinese Dragons could do.

It was a great day, an opportunity to connect and see each other directly, not through our reflections in the mirror as usual. It was so great in fact, that we all made a promise: to celebrate again next year. The Year of the Fire Rooster.

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