Body Wave Perm at Plaza Hair Salon

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12th May 2018

“Soft, wash-and-wear hair is a major benefit of perms and the reason our clients choose this option.”


Perming techniques have evolved since the 80s when they employed tough chemicals that caused much damage to women’s hair. Due to the latest scientific discoveries, perm became softer and more natural and, of course back on trends. At Plaza Hair Salon we like to surprise our clients with long-lasting perms created on all types of long or short hair.

Body Wave Perm Style

Body wave perm adds vitality, texture and lots of waves to your hair. The natural looking wave is the effect of the rollers introduced in changing and natural models. Perming is a delicate process at it must be done by an experienced hairstylist. At Plaza Hair Salon we use the perming solution suitable to your hair’s texture and we keep in mind your wish to have an acid, alkaline or exothermic perm. In the end, we take away the rods from your hair and apply a neutralizing solution. As in the perm case, the neutralizing solution is kept according to the texture and thickness of the hair. After your wave perm, our experienced hairstylists recommend you to moisturize your hair to enjoy your perm more than three months.

Gorgeous Variations of Perm Style

The structure of your straight hair can be changed according to your desires. At Plaza Hair Salon you can try the most beautiful curly hair and enjoy the professional services of our hairstylists.

Body Wave Perm with Highlights

A delicate touch of waves that your hairstylist will embellish with blonde shades for a sweet and more feminine look. Choose with your hairstylist what part of your hair will be placed the falling waves.

Looks-Quite-Natural Perm

Every woman’s dream to have a natural perm can be realized by narrow curling roads. The hair will be more texturized and softer. Apply this perm to lifeless hair and you’ll be amazed by the results!

Super Defined Root Perm

The main advantage of this perm, besides its originality, is that it can lift your hair up and you’ll enjoy ringlet curls that go free in all directions. You will be gorgeous with your perfectly defined bounced curls and your look will be envied by everybody.

Find out from our hairstylists if the body wave perm is the right option for your hair. Usually, the body wave perm is suitable for:

  • People with curly, disheveled hair who want to expand their curls
  • Men and women  who want volume and dimension for their straightened hair
  • People with fine hair who need more a more texture and movement style

Get Your Body Wave Perm at Plaza Hair Salon

At Plaza Hair Salon we use nourishing treatments with proteins and deep conditioner products to take care of your permed hair. Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at for your appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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