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10th March 2017

“Things are moving fast nowadays. And, whether you’re a beauty professional or just keeping up with the latest trends, you too need to be moving fast and keep up with the products and techniques that allow you to improve on nature. It’s not magic that does that; it’s science that helps you turn everyday looks into glamor. And Affinage is the exact range of products you need for this.”

Plaza Hair Salon

Whether your business is to make others look good or just to know how to look good yourself, it all boils down to this: looks are your presentation card. And you can’t afford to make mistakes on your presentation card.

So use this opportunity to up your game. Learn how science can help beauty by creating products that enhance radiance, add a touch of originality and preserve the natural health of hair. With Affinage, science works for you; you just need to know how to use it.

What Will You Learn?

Take your skills to the next level with our new class for Affinage aficionados at the Plaza Hair Salon, and learn how you can do right by your hair. It starts by learning how to correctly identify shades and use shade charts, because you need to know where you are and what results you are aiming for. Then you need to learn how to get there by fine-tuning color. You, too, are doing a bit of science when you are playing with color, and not all of us aced chemistry in class; so it’s important to know how to weigh and measure color and how much development time to allow for color so as to get the best result.

This is delicate work; it’s not easy to achieve the perfect balance, and precision is part of your skills. You will be operating with more than 100 shades, from the elegant blacks to the exciting reds or fun blonde shades and anywhere in between. And, as an artist-scientist, you can even come up with your own pigment combinations for customized results.

And finally, once the fun science part is over, turn to art: apply color correctly. You are, after all, aiming to correct nature. And nature can be stubborn: white hair is notoriously difficult to conceal, and you need to know how to use products like the Infiniti Permanent Hair Color Crème to color every hair for flawless coverage.

Why Affinage – A First Look?

Affinage products are the most technologically advanced hair products out there. Once you have mastered the technique, the revolutionary DATEM+ technology ensures that the long-lasting pigments provide profound and complete color coverage.

A two- or three-hour class at the Plaza Hair Salon is all it takes to learn the science and artistry of this line of products. Our super-friendly and professional staff will do a demo that will convince you of the excellence of Affiniti products. We will create the most compelling presentation card for you. Because, after all, who can resist glamor?

Contact Us to Join!

Add this to your calendar: Monday, March 27th, 1 pm – at Plaza Hair Salon. Book this open class at, or call (858) 485-7551.

Tickets are $30 and you get $45 worth of Affinage products right at the door to get you started!

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