Trendy Summer 2024 Hairstyles

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12th July 2024

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Summer is all about having fun, and it's the perfect time to try a new hairstyle for a fabulous summer look. Whether you are a natural brunette, blonde, or fiery redhead, there's no better time to try new tones and blend them perfectly with your natural shades.

There's a sudden desire for sun-kissed hair when our mood strikes for a summer vacation. Regardless of what hairstyle you prefer to try, a healthy hair is a must to achieve the desired look, and with our hair treatments at your disposal, it's easier than ever to keep you locks healthy and shiny.

Blonde Hairstyle Inspiration for Summer 2024

Blonde balayage is subtle, refined and gives you a lighter effect without a drastic change. That's why women love the style. Blonde balayage is the ideal summer hairstyle as it brightens up the ends of the locks, giving that effortlessly chic sun-kissed look. When the hair grows out, it still looks completely natural. With brown, black, or copper shades starting at the roots and gradually changing to lighter blonde hues, blonde balayage looks multi-dimensional, textured, and fabulous. Therefore we encourage you to book an appointment with our hairstylists and switch your lookup with a summer feel. Here are some of the most popular hairstyles for Summer 2024:

Brown Hairstyle Inspiration for Summer 2024

With brown, caramel, chestnut, and chocolate balayage trending this summer, you have endless options to spice up your brown hair. Whether looking to go natural or extremely dramatic, balayage is an excellent option if you are bored with your monochromatic, flat locks. Try out the bronde balayage with delicate blonde hues. Our clients love to have this style for summer vacation when having a sun-kissed look is a must.

Other trendy hairstyles for brunettes:

Red Hairstyle Inspiration for Summer 2024

Warm red shades are to stay for this summer. Copper, bronze, and peachy shades continue to be the favorite shades for balayage, which adds more dimension and texture to natural red, blonde, brown, or black hair. Red tones give a vibrant look to those ready to turn heads this summer. Although they look super bright and fiery, red shades fade quickly, so using color-safe shampoos that preserve and refresh the shades is a must.

Our favorite picks for this season:

Get Your Summer Hairstyle at Plaza Hair Salon

If you are ready to pursue a change this summer, head to our Rancho Bernardo-based hair salon for a fantastic treat that will surely make you enjoy your summer vacation more. Our professional hairstylists will create a custom color for your hair type, style and personality. For more fashionable ideas, look at some fabulous, trending hairstyles you can choose from check out our Latest Hairstyles section.

Since for balayage bleaching is involved, we advise our clients to use quality hydrating products to help the color last longer in-between touch-ups. For a gorgeous look, keeping your hair hydrated and healthy is essential; therefore, we also recommend moisturizing hair products, like hair masks, to reduce brittleness and brassiness.

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