Dark Brown to Platinum Blonde Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon

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30th July 2019

“After years of debating and making excuses, I finally arrived at Plaza Hair Salon excited and ready for my platinum transformation. Thanks to Mai for making my dream come true! ”

Linda G.

Platinum blonde balayage is perfect for those who prefer that smokey metallic feel. Blended into dark roots, platinum blonde strands look refreshing and exquisite in an eye-catching way. Moreover, such a stylish coloring will give completeness and a luxurious look to the image.

Platinum blonde hair is a sparkling white-blonde hue that is great for round shaped face to a slender heart-shaped face. This look works well with dark brows and a warmish neutral skin color. According to our hairstylists, platinum blonde pairs well with any outfit and garner quite a lot of attention.

Spice up with This Summery Platinum Blonde Balayage

Darker roots on a platinum blonde base are très chic. If you want a look that’s metal-inspired and one of the freshest shade for this summer, this might be the perfect choice for you! Give it a trendy edge with black roots and pretty blonde balayage hues throughout.

Why is platinum blonde balayage the perfect choice for your next salon visit:

  • Platinum blonde is a color that will always be cool.
  • With balayage, it gives the client a high-end look with less maintenance for the up check.
  • For blondes, platinum blonde balayage is the perfect way to lighten the hair color that has gone darker with age.
  • For brunettes, platinum blonde balayage creates a dramatic effect with the contrast highlights.
  • With darker roots and undertones, the platinum blonde balayage hues will glisten like gold in the sunlight.

Our Hairstylists Have the Perfect Balayage Hair Inspiration You Need

Platinum blonde balayage is perfect for those who want to look natural and enviously kissed by the sun. Adding one or two balayage hair colors to the base color creates a smooth transition from natural brown hair tone at the roots to the brightened light ends. I simply adore the deepened roots and how it blends seamlessly into the platinum blonde.

At Plaza Hair Salon we have all the tools to keep your platinum blonde balayage looking beautiful all summer long!

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