Reverse Balayage – The Hair Color Trend You Don’t Want to Miss

10th March 2023

“I'm feeling more glamorous with this stylish new look. Mai recommended the reverse balayage, and she did a great job; it looks amazing!”

Hilda O.

You've come to the right place if you want to transform your look this season and stand out from the crowd with a creative hair color technique. Plaza Hair Salon is all about quality hairstyling techniques and stunning results, and this must-try brown and pink reverse balayage is both feminine and striking.

Reasons for Getting a Reverse Balayage

Are you looking for a trendy hairstyle this season? You should visit Plaza Hair Salon and get a breathtaking reverse balayage. Your hair will look inspirational and ultra-fashionable, drawing everyone's attention. But where to start? Which hair color and technique fit you best? This is an essential first step to consider before proceeding; if you are a lady who likes to stand out while focusing on enhancing your feminine attributes, then brown and pink reverse balayage might turn out to be the ideal choice for you:

  • It will make your hair look fresher than ever;
  • It guarantees a warm, vibrant, and eye-catching effect;
  • It complements your entire appearance and personality;
  • It makes you glow from all angles.

Reverse balayage is a low-maintenance technique using darker shades and lowlights near the roots and through the strands. This brings more depth to your hue, regardless of hair type and length. Whenever you feel like your blonde balayage is too bright for your current taste, reverse balayage is the perfect solution to tone it down while maintaining the depth you've grown to love. The main differences between balayage and reverse balayage include:

  • Reverse balayage reintroduces deeper shades and starts at mid-shaft.
  • While balayage focuses brightness on the top layers, reverse balayage involves lowlights seamlessly blending into the hair's under-layers.
  • Reverse balayage is even more low-maintenance and an excellent alternative for those looking to darken their hair without going through an all-over color change.
  • Since there isn't as much bleaching involved, reverse balayage also helps maintain your hair's health.

Get Your Brown & Pink Reverse Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon

If you intend on pursuing a vibrant and elegant style change, consider some advantages that brown and pink reverse balayage can bring you:

  • a fresh look - you don't have to upgrade your wardrobe to still be stylish;
  • time-saving hair care - the hairstyle is easy to maintain, so you don't need to spend any additional time styling your hair;
  • head-turner and conversation starter - people noticing your superb hair color might attempt to engage you in conversation.

Stop wondering how reverse balayage would look on you, and make an appointment with Plaza Hair Salon. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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