Dark Brown to Light Chestnut Sombre

01st November 2018

“I really wanted to change my hair color, that's why I went to Mai and got a dark brown to light chestnut sombre. Thanks, Mai for this awesome color and for the fact that my hair is still strong and healthy.”

Alexandra G.

Who would’ve thought that the ombre backlash will start in 2018? Well, we all knew that day would eventually come. According to our experienced hairstylists, you can still get your favorite sun-kissed highlights and low maintenance roots if you choose sombre hair. As the name suggests it’s ombre hair, but with a subtle, more-softer look. The somber look is all about dark roots less-harsher that the ombre ones making the colors melt together. It goes beyond balayage and works with more shades and tones throughout the hair to add texture and dimension.

The secret to achieving the sombre look is to use more colors. At Plaza Hair Salon, we take the darker hue that we find at the roots and weave it through the lengths of the hair to ultimately create less of a harsh contrast from the roots to the ends. The somber hairstyle can work for anyone even for women that have black hair. Our hairstylists can dye it without destroying the hair texture and then gently apply the color and blend it until the perfect color is achieved. For brunettes a sombre hair color with a touch of honey and caramel shade is perfect.

Steps in Getting Dark Brown to Light Chestnut Sombre Hair

At Plaza Hair Salon, our hairstylists can combine your favorite colors in order to obtain a beautiful sombre. Just show them a picture of your favorite sombre hairstyle and relax while the magic takes place. For a dark brown to light chestnut sombre we follow these steps:

1. Section the Hair

First, we gently brush your hair to take away the tangles or knots. Then, we section the area into four sections.

2. Prepare & Apply the Dye

If your hair is darker, we will have to dye it in order to obtain a beautiful sombre. We will quickly go through the ends and then start applying from mid-length downwards.

3. Wash it Up & Apply Conditioner & Blow Dry It

We wash your hair gently after keeping the dye on your hair for about 25-45 minutes. Then, a smooth conditioner will be applied to give your sombre shine. We take care to maintain an optimum temperature of the water as too hot or cold water can damage your hair. We recommend you to continue conditioning your hair for a few more days and take good care with a gentle shampoo. We will blow dry your hair before we start the sombre process.

4. Get Beautiful Sombre Layers

We gently separate your hair in thin lines and apply the colors that you have chosen layer by layer.

5. Final Touch – Blow Dry and Curls

After we blow dry your hair, we will style it using a curler in order to give your hair some volume or we can use a flat iron if your face is oval, it will look much better than the curls.

Get Your Dark Brown to Light Chestnut Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

At Plaza Hair Salon we care about each and every single client, and we will treat you like a VIP from the moment you walk in until the moment you leave. If you wish to change your hair color pay us a visit and we will take care of the rest. Call us now at 858.485.7551 or email us at appointment@plazahairsalon.com for your appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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