Best Hairtsyles for Older Men and Women

29th February 2024

“This new bob haircut makes me feel youthful and chic.”

Mary S

When we reach a certain age, we start to wonder how to remain stylish, and as we grow older, it makes sense to choose haircuts that balance the increasing softness of our hair. Here's the good news: you don't necessarily need to change your favorite hairstyle and try something drastically new after reaching 55+: a chic pixie cut, a versatile bob, or a graded haircut are all stylish and timeless.

Hairstyle recommendations for 55+ women

Women over 55 are usually dyeing their hair more often to cover gray roots. There are hairstyles for women that seamlessly blend natural grays with trendy hues. The best example is the balayage technique that melts gray with different shades of blonde.

Lighter tones bring that youthful look and are easy to maintain; that's why many of our clients choose blonde or golden brown hues. On the other hand, darker shades, such as burgundy, auburn, and dark chocolate, can also look stunning for ombre or balayage.

If you need some inspiration, here are our favorite picks of hair colors that are trending in 2024:

  • ash blonde balayage
  • reverse balayage
  • grey and silver ombre
  • blue and grey ombre
  • grey to light lavender ombre
  • icy blonde balayage
  • platinum blonde balayage
  • grey to blonde ombre
  • charcoal to ash blonde ombre
  • metallic grey balayage
  • grey-blonde balayage
  • platinum grey balayage

For thin hair, we recommend a short-to-medium bob, a short pixie, or other hairstyles that add more volume and texture to your hair. For women with thick hair layered medium and long styles are the best options, we also recommend trying extra short pixie, bob or long haircuts. Bangs generally make women look younger, so we recommend wispy bangs reaching your eyebrows if you are used to wearing them. Let us know what's your desired look, make an appointment, and let our experienced hairstylists do their magic. You'll get a haircut that's best for your style and personality.

More hairstyle inspiration:

  • layered bob
  • shoulder-length cut with wispy bangs
  • choppy bob with bangs
  • lob with swoopy bangs
  • choppy pixie
  • medium length bob
  • wavy, shaggy lob
  • messy pixie bob
  • flipped lob

Hairstyle recommendations for 55+ men

Being over 50 doesn't mean you have to look like a grandpa; there are many options to make you look in style, from extra short to medium to long hairstyles to look your best. Whether you prefer a super shortcut or something looser and longer, dozens of options suit your personality and style. When you come to Plaza Hair Salon, our hairstylists can help you choose the best haircut for your face shape, skin tone, personal style, and desired look:

  • side part comb over with medium fade
  • side part pompadour
  • slicked back cut
  • taper fade
  • crew cut
  • ivy league
  • classic side part

With more men over 55 embracing hair coloring to change their hairstyle or cover grays, choosing the right color is essential. Whether men should dye their gray hair is a personal decision. When you decide to dye your hair, ask our hairstylists' professional opinion because the shades you choose can flatter your look or wash you out. While most of our clients stick to traditional shades, hair coloring can also be a creative way for self-expression through vibrant hues of silver grey, emerald green, or electric blue.

Factors our hairstylists will consider when recommending hair colors for you: skin tone and complexion, hair texture and natural tones, face shape and features and your personal style.

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