Haircuts for Women in Rancho Bernardo, CA at Plaza Hair Salon

* the haircut price does not include wash and style


Not everybody knows how to cut short hair. Our experienced stylists at Plaza Hair Salon have years of experience and will tell you which short haircut fits you best. We provide haircuts for adults, kids, teens and seniors.

Our clients love our salon because it’s nice and down to earth. Mai is an artist and the most precious jewel of our salon.

She will handle your hair with patience, and will explain to you the entire process before she begins cutting your hair.

We, at Plaza Hair Salon, have reasonable prices and also discounts. A haircut for women with short hair is $35 and you will also get a $2 discount.

Cutting long hair is not that easy. It’s hard to find experienced stylists that will actually know how to do a stylish haircut.

Plaza Hair Salon has years of experience doing haircuts for women with long and short hair. We usually ask our clients what haircut they prefer or if they have certain pictures.

After you give us the information will know exactly what to do and believe us our clients never left Plaza Hair Salon with a bad haircut.

The price of a haircut for women with long hair is $45, and you also get a $2 discount. Our salon is decorated with style and we have great customer service.

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This coupon is exclusive to Plaza Hair Salon and it applies on haircuts $15 or more! Not valid with any other special offer, coupon, or discount. Limit one coupon per person. You must present this coupon before the stylist begins the procedure. This coupon is available for new customers only! Redeemable only once!

Most of our clients visit us frequently because they love the atmosphere at our salon and also our welcoming and friendly staff.

If you have short hair and want a stylish haircut to pay us a visit at our salon in Rancho Bernardo or give us a call at 858.485.7551 and we’ll schedule your appointment.

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