An Absolute Favorite for Summer 2022 - Brown To Blonde Balayage

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28th April 2022

“I love my hair, as always. Thank you, Mai.”

Anna W.

Blonde balayage is designed to be subtle, refined, and effortlessly chic; that's why many of our clients love the style. Blonde balayage is ideal for summer as it brightens up the ends of the locks and gives that sun-kissed look. When it grows out, it still looks completely natural. If you want your hair to look lightened up, then this balayage is perfect as it will give you a lighter effect without a drastic change. With light brown shades starting at the roots and gradually changing to lighter blonde tones, our client's long tresses look multi-dimensional and fabulous. Ask our hairstylist for a blonde balayage to switch your lookup with a summer feel.

The perks of this absolutely stunning hairstyle:

  • Fashionable and effortless, trending in 2022
  • Allows our hairstylists to create a custom color for each client
  • It looks natural and healthy
  • Adds dimension to long wavy locks

Hairstyle Inspiration for Summer 2022

With Balayage, you can go subtle, bold, natural, or extremely bright with endless options. If you're looking for a lighter, dimensional color transition for this summer, soft blonde highlights are an excellent choice. Try out brown to blonde balayage with warm, delicate hues for those fun-filled summer days on the beach when having that sun-kissed look is a must. To be in tone with your summer vacation, add volume to your hair with some beach waves.

Our hairstylists are up-to-date on the latest hair coloring techniques and can blend brown with blonde shades in various styles:

Our clients with a lob or longer locks love this hairstyle as Balayage is a versatile technique that looks amazing on any base color.

Get Your Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon

When it comes to trying blonde hair color, there are so many options available that deciding can be challenging. At our San Diego-based hair salon, our hairstylists will gladly help you with the decision-making to find the best hair color for your natural hair, skin tone, and personal style.

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