Bronzed Brown to Light Blonde Balayage at Plaza Hair Salon

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16th August 2019

“I haven’t done my hair in a long time but Mai knew exactly how to handle it. She gave me a gorgeous light blonde balayage as if it were intended by nature. ”

Lisa P.

This lady’s bronzed brown hair has been brought to life by the most stunning blonde balayage transition. A fancy and polished look for sheer perfection! If you have completely fallen in love with the concept of blonde balayage, we encourage you to call Plaza Hair Salon today to book an appointment. Balayage is one of the salon’s specialties and we pride ourselves on high-quality coloring products and talented hairstylists.

Light Blonde Balayage Is About to Take You to the Beach

Are you into natural hair color? With balayage, you can achieve so many different natural effects from soft, sun-kissed highlights to something strong and sassy. However, a simple light blonde balayage might bring out your best look.

With this hair color technique, there is no clear fade line between the darker and lighter colors. As well, balayage adds beautiful color dimension to your hair in the most natural way.

Reasons to keep loving light blonde balayage:

  • It’s summer-appropriate; when painted with warmer blonde it can move into fall and winter seamlessly
  • Is great for women who don’t have time to visit the salon to get their hair touched up every week
  • It offers the most natural-looking blonde requiring less maintenance and offering a more forgiving grow-up process
  • Because of those strategically placed highlights, blonde balayage can make fine hair look thicker and fuller.

Ultra-Textured Brown-To-Blonde Hairstyle Idea at Plaza Hair Salon

Blonde balayage looks are designed to be subtle, delicate, and refined, that’s why women love the style so much. At Plaza Hair Salon we are 100% dedicated to keeping up with the latest trends and creating new technology in balayage giving you the chance to turn your hair dream into a hair reality.

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