Most Popular Wedding Hairstyles for 2024

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30th April 2024

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As we delve into 2024 wedding fashion trends, it becomes evident that bridal hairstyle is not just a mere detail but an essential element of the bride's overall look. Over the past few decades, wedding hairstyling trends have undergone a significant transformation, offering a plethora of options, ranging from vintage to contemporary styles. Today, a bride has many options for selecting a hairstyle that truly reflects her unique personality and style for the momentous day.

 It's important to keep in mind that dress is the main factor that influences the choice of wedding hairstyle. A trend that continues to make waves in 2024 is the concept of a second look or dress change for the reception. Brides opt for one dress and a corresponding hairstyle for the ceremony, such as a sophisticated updo that complements the veil and a more relaxed style - think loose waves, messy buns, or ponytails - for the evening reception, allowing them to let loose and enjoy the festivities.

Hair Color Trends for 2024 Bridal Hair

Light blonde highlights are still among the top choices for bridal hair. The creamy, warm, and icy ash blonde shades add more dimension and provide a sleek, refined look that complements various skin tones.

The youngest sister of the traditional balayage, reverse balayage, was one of the top hairstyles in 2023, and it keeps trending in the 2024 wedding fashion scene! Unlike the conventional balayage, reverse balayage adds darker strands and lowlights to the base color.

Warm brown to creamy blonde ombré and somber hairstyles with their gradual, seamless color transition add dimension and boast a rich, glossy appearance perfect for even the most elegant bridal gowns.

Popular Hair Styling Techniques for 2024 Weddings

Hollywood glam waves is not just a trend, this hairstyle is a timeless, classic choice for brides. The flowing silky tresses bring an old Hollywood glam feel and continue to reign in 2024, ensuring that your bridal look will stand the test of style and glam.

The 90s are back on the wedding fashion scene in 2024 with loose waves and lots of root lift while leaving the ends relaxed! This style adds an effortless, stylish feel, bringing a touch of nostalgia to your bridal look.

Voluminous half-ups with teased roots and cascading curls are another popular choice for brides in 2024. We love this hairstyle because it adds volume and dimension to the hair and pairs well with glam hair accessories, resulting in a romantic, refined bridal look.

Another timeless classic, the sleek bun, whether pulled back at a high position or kept at the nape of the neck, makes a strong statement as the pinnacle of elegance. Their sophisticated styling adds a touch of glam to bridal looks. With minimalist accessories, this hairstyle is the ultimate elegance.

Get Your Bridal Hairstyle at Plaza Hair Salon

Whatever you decide to wear on your big day, consult with our stylists to choose the best hairstyle that compliments your look. We'll help you choose the one that will make you look absolutely stunning while perfectly complementing your wedding gown. All you have to do is sit back, relax, and let the hairstylists at Plaza Hair Salon amaze you with a gorgeous look that will make you feel like the queen of the day. If you desire a glamorous look for your wedding, we suggest scheduling an appointment because creating your wedding hairstyle can take up to 5 hours, depending on your hair texture and length.

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