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05th July 2018

“I had to attend a wedding and wanted a stylish up-do. Mai took care of everything and my hair looked awesome the entire night.”

Leane P.

Special occasions, like weddings, proms or other events are wonderful opportunities to look beautiful. At Plaza Hair Salon, we provide formal and elegant up-dos for short, medium and long hair. If your favorite up-do is in the pages of a magazine, you can show the picture to Mai, our experienced hairstylist and she will make you look like a star in no time.

Inspiring Up-Dos for Long Hair in 2018

Up-Dos for long hair are trendy and suitable not only for formal events but also for daily or casual activities. From the multitude of stylish up-dos, at Plaza Hair Salon we can help you chose what is most suitable for your personality.

1. Up-Do with Large Twists

Large twists that have been overlapped for the perfect bun arrangement are always a glamorous idea and match perfectly on formal occasions. We can create many chic styles with multiple twists and you’ll always look fabulous no matter what clothes or make-up you wear.

2. Stylish Sleek Up-Do

If you have a long and straight hair, this hairstyle is a perfect choice. This clean and beautiful look on your hair is very popular and easy to get by simply collecting the hair and tugging them with some pins above. The sleek up-do offers a ravishing and elegant look, suitable for formal occasions.

3. Braided Florette Up-do

This sophisticated hairstyle will give a different look to your personality. You must know this hairstyle is very difficult to realize without a professional help. At Plaza Hair Salon, we are particularly trained to realize complex hair up-dos for our clients. Much preferred for the proms due to its versatility, braided Florette up-do is realized by spreading carefully the braid out. 

Easy Steps for Professional Styling

We need some things to realize a professional styling of your hair: elastics, U-pins and bobby pins, rat tail/teasing comb and hold hairspray. Having first divide your hair into two equal parts, we prepare you for the next steps for the stylish up-do:

  1. We gather and tie each part in a pigtail that will also be divided into two halves;
  2. We make two ropes braids and secure them with the hair elastics;
  3. We begin to create the up-do by overlapping the braids and
  4. then we use the U-pins and the bobby pins to arrange the braid and sleek the flyaway;
  5. We finish the styling process with the hold hairspray that gives resistance to your hair.

Get a Beautiful Up-Do at Plaza Hair Salon

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