Sheyla’s Healthy and Full of Vitality Hairstyle

18th January 2016

“I love coming to the Plaza Hair Salon to refresh my haircut and color. It’s a subtle, yet confidence-boosting change and always feels like a new beginning to me.”

Sheyla A.

How often can you color your hair? It’s not a tricky question, but it’s not a simple answer either. It depends on your hair type, quality, length, coloring history and the color itself.

If you haven’t ever dyed your hair, it must be in perfect health and coloring it for the first time won’t do much damage. Even so, try to deep condition it every few days to restore its moisture, bounce, and shine. And wait for six to seven weeks before re-coloring if your hair is fine or fragile. If it’s thick and strong, four weeks might be enough until the next hair dyeing session.

Remember to have an open dialogue with your colorist and let him or her know how often you want to come back for root touch-ups. Choosing the color that’s closer to the original means you can wait a lot longer for your next visit to the hair salon. In the meantime, try to use hair care products specifically made for colored hair to preserve color vibrancy and intensity.

Don’t just go dye your hair on impulse. Plan for it. Apply a deep repair mask in the weeks before your appointment and make sure your last hair wash isn’t with a color depositing shampoo and conditioner. And don’t neglect the most important rule of all, however frustrating it can get: do not wash your hair for at least 24 hours before dyeing it. Hair color loves dirty strands. Washing your hair can deprive your scalp of its natural oils and also make your hair more sensitive to dye.

And here’s another tip that your colorist should always know: split ends look even splitter when your hair is freshly colored, so hair ends should be checked carefully and trimmed off if necessary. If you decide to have a haircut, it’s best to have it right before the coloring, to see the full effect of your color.

Dyeing your hair is not something you do every day. Sometimes it means a totally new you, so be 100% sure about the color you decide to have. Ask for your colorist’s advice and tips. If you want to go light, don’t go bleach blonde right away. Start with a darker shade of blonde and consider adding highlights to get that sun-kissed natural looking hair color and less noticeable regrowth lines.  

Are you ready for a fabulous color change? Or do you just want to maintain your already fabulous color? Come to Plaza Hair Salon. Our hair stylists are committed to gaining your 100% hair color satisfaction.

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