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Rancho Bernardo's Plaza Hair Salon was born in 2003 as the result of Mai’s hard work and dedication to her life-long passion. Mai’s knowledge in the wedding industry, hair removal and professional makeup has been passed on to her team at the salon, so all services are performed using the best techniques in the industry.

We always keep ourselves informed and educated on the newest trends and care products in order to deliver the very best care to our clients!

Our services include: haircuts, hair color, hair treatments, eyelash extensions, makeup, waxing, nails, wedding/prom services.

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Plaza Hair Salon is set in an excellent and convenient location at 16769 Bernardo Center Drive #K4, San Diego, CA 92128. We are close to Starbucks, Vons and other plaza goods.

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The Staff at Plaza Hair Salon

Let your natural beauty shine with the help of our professional team! We have years of combined experience in beauty and we are always ready to take on even the most difficult of challenges. Meet our staff members!

Mai – Hair Stylist

“I have been in the esthetic industry for over 25 years and it all began as a hobby for me, but in time turned into my true passion. I have a lovely team to work with and seeing the satisfaction of our clients is a true blessing. That’s how we know that we’ve done a great job and at the end of the day, everybody’s pleased with the results. Plaza Hair Salon is my second home and the result of years of learning and hard work. Come see us in Rancho Bernardo!”

Meet Mai

Kimberly – Professional Makeup Artist

“Professional makeup can completely transform any woman! We deliver an astonishing look for our clients, from the glamorous “smoky eyes” to wedding and events makeup. From blushes, powder eye shadows, to mascaras, shimmer products and praiseworthy eyeliners, we use only the best on the market. We got you covered!”

Sam – Xtreme Lashes® Lash Stylist

“Lash extensions are a fabulous way to bring added curl, thickness and length, while opening up the eye for added definition. We have many clients who choose to improve the beauty of their look with the elegant Xtreme Lashes®. I’m happy that our salon is able to offer one the most lucrative beauty services out there and it feels great to be a part of it.”

Wendy – Hair Removal Technician, Hair Stylist

“Working at Plaza Hair Salon is great because we get this satisfaction of seeing our clients happy with their new looks after they come see us. I’m proud to work with Mai and the rest of the team and I can’t see myself doing anything else. We’re one happy family here and we’re growing each day with our lovely clients!”

Kelvin – Hair Stylist

“My job at Plaza Hair Salon is to provide our clients with haircuts that best fit their appearance, but we also take into consideration their wishes. It’s a great job, every day is different from the other and this really keeps us alert and focused. The team is great, the atmosphere is friendly, anything you’d want from a hair salon.”

Simone – Hair Stylist

“Being a hair stylist is great because you get to work one-on-one with another human being and your purpose is to make them feel so much better, and look at themselves with a twinkle in their eye. As a hair stylist, bringing out the beauty in others is our mission – and a true blessing!”

Ioan – Hair Stylist

“Creativity runs across many categories in life and I am very happy to be working in a field where my creativity is free to bloom. Hair is a statement of style and an expression of self-love, not to mention an affirmation of beauty… with these in mind, it’s easy to see why a hair stylist’s job is so rewarding.”

Christine – Hair Stylist

When we are talking about hair and hair styling, it’s not just about the finishing touch at the end, but it’s about everything. There’s a bond created between a hairdresser and a client since the moment he or she sits in the chair – that person believes you can work magic on their hair and you need to prove that. We’re transforming not just the people’s looks, but also how they feel.

Plaza Hair Salon Is One of the Winners of Best of San Diego 2015