Japanese Straightening for Women in Rancho Bernardo, CA at Plaza Hair Salon

We know how difficult must be for women to make their hair look straight especially for those with curly or wavy hair.

In such difficult situations, Plaza Hair Salon comes in your help with a popular method of straightening called Japanese Straightening. It is a permanent procedure, which means that once you get it done, your hair will stay straight until it grows out.

It is a low maintenance procedure, as you do not need any hair dryers or flat irons, and you only need to touch up the roots when your hair grows out.


Also known as thermal reconditioning, this awesome procedure requires a consultation beforehand with an experienced stylist to discuss whether this is the right procedure for you or not.

The price of a Japanese Straightening at Plaza Hair Salon starts at $300. See us for your customized Japanese Straightening treatment!


How Does Japanese Straightening Work?

The Japanese straightening treatment is extensive, so prepare to spend at least 3 to 4 hours in the salon. It can even take up to 8 hours, depending on the condition of your hair, length, and thickness. This procedure requires the stylist to engage in educational courses, as it is not something that you can learn from watching a tutorial. Courses may take up to 2 weeks or more, in which stylists are thoroughly prepared to handle the procedure and deliver astonishing results. Here are the steps to this procedure:

Step 1 - Consultation and Hair Analysis

All professional stylists will ask you to schedule a consultation before going through with the procedure. This is a crucial step that must be taken, as not all hair types are compatible with thermal reconditioning. There is a number of risks involved in the process, so your stylist must inform you before.

The stylist must ensure your hair is suitable for the procedure and will discuss with you all your chemical treatment history, damage levels, and dryness. You will also be told about the expectations and results in order to avoid any misunderstandings.

Step 2 -Shampooing

If you were given a go for Japanese straightening, the process will begin with a gentle wash to ensure your hair is ready. It is integral to the technique's success. After your hair has been washed, it will be rinsed with warm water to avoid any unnecessary damage and will be partially dried.

Step 3 - The Pre-Treatment

To protect and prepare the hair to receive the straightening solution, your stylist will spray your hair with water with high mineral content and will apply a heat-resistive gel that ensures your hair and scalp will not get chemically burned.

Step 4 - Applying the Activator

Next, your stylist will apply the activator on a strand of hair to determine if you are ready to proceed. If yes, then the solution will be applied as quickly and evenly as possible in order to expose your hair to its effects as uniformly as possible. A plastic wrap will be gently placed at the roots of your hair to separate them from the rest of the hair strands. You will sit with the solution in your hair anywhere from 5 minutes to one hour, depending on the strength of your hair's curl.

Step 5 - Rinsing the Solution

After the solution sat long enough in your hair, your hairstylist will rinse it out and prepare your hair for straightening. Everything is done as gently as possible to avoid hair damage!

Step 6 - Ironing the Hair

Brace yourself for probably the most time-consuming step in this procedure! Using professional-level flat irons set to a temperature of 350 degrees Fahrenheit and up, the stylist will straighten the hair for up to one hour and a half, depending on your hair's length and condition. Before flat ironing, your hair will be blow-dried but left with some moisture.

Step 7 - Applying the Neutralizer

After all these steps, your hair will need a neutralizer in order to balance its pH. The solution will sit for a maximum of 5 minutes in order to take effect.

Step 8 - Rinsing the Neutralizer

After rinsing out the neutralizer, a conditioner that meets the needs of your hair will be applied. The treatment conditioner may be for damage repair or even lock in color, for example.

Step 9 - Blow Drying

Before drying your hair, the stylist will permeate it with mineral water and controller cream. One thing to remember here is that blow-drying will be done in the direction of the cuticles in order to keep the hair's shape and new shine.

Step 10 - Finishing Straightening

After blow-drying, your hair will be ironed where needed so that it is completely straight. Your stylist will inform you about what you need to avoid and pay attention to until the procedure is completed. You must avoid getting your hair wet for the next 48-72 hours, avoid putting it in a ponytail or clips, even behind your ears.

Caring for Your Straightened Hair

After your Japanese straightening, there are 5 main things you should keep an eye out for in the first 72 hours to the next several months. For a successful procedure, you need to provide enough attention to your new look so that it stays the way you want it. Here is what you need to know:

Moisture is your enemy. Even after you left the salon, the neutralizer in your hair is still re-bonding with it and needs constant access to oxygen Thus, you need to avoid getting your hair wet, avoid rain, humidity, and steamy showers. If your hair does get wet, blow dry it carefully with the dryer pointed down towards the ends of your hair and avoid keeping all the heat in one spot. Leave some moisture in your hair and gently iron the area at a low temperature (250-265 degrees F will do).

Keep away from tension and pressure. Avoid tucking your hair behind your ears and stay away from ponytails, hats, and clips for the next 7 days. Your hair needs to remain as straight and natural as possible to avoid bends. If you do notice a crease in your hair, flat iron the area gently and keep the iron moving to distribute heat evenly.

You will need special hair products. Look for shampoo and conditioners that work well with soft hair and with a chemical content that will not cause excessive damage. You should avoid blow-drying your hair for a few days and you should use a thermal protector to shield your hair from the heat damage from dryers and flat irons. Oil is also recommended to keep your locks shiny and silky in the long run.

Touch-ups and thermal reconditioning are a must. Even though the Japanese straightening procedure is a permanent one, your hair will grow out over time and you will need a touch up to straighten the roots after 6 to 9 months. This, however, depends on how fast your hair grows and the strength of its curl.

Coloring should wait a bit. Hair is stressed after the Japanese straightening and coloring your hair soon will only add more tension to it. Avoid coloring for at least 2 weeks after the procedure because your hair strands are delicate and will need plenty of time to recover before they are altered with coloring. Professional stylists will conduct a strand test to determine your hair's porosity and see if it is ready for coloring. Take your stylist's advice and avoid months of regret!

Get Your Japanese Straightening Done at Plaza Hair Salon!

Thermal reconditioning requires a consultation beforehand from a qualified and experienced stylist to discuss whether this is the right procedure for you. Come visit us for your customized Japanese straightening! Call 858.485.7551 for your appointment.