Deep Conditioning for Women in Rancho Bernardo, CA at Plaza Hair Salon

Plaza Hair Salon will help you restore the strength of your hair and replenish moisture from everyday stressors with deep conditioning! Our stylists recommend using a deep conditioner once a week on fine hair and always after you washed your hair with shampoo.

After you got rid of all unwanted dirt and oils from the scalp and shaft, the conditioner will help you restore moisture and essential oils back to your hair.

Deep conditioning is basically like a reset button for your hair. For full, thick locks, we recommend putting emphasis on adding a heat component after applying the mask.


The price for Deep Conditioning at Plaza Hair Salon starts at $35 (without cut & style). See us for a customized deep conditioning treatment!


You should be aware that once the hair has been damaged, there is no way to repair it. You can only rid the hair of the damage by cutting the affected areas. People choose deep conditioning in order to accomplish the following:

  • restore or maintain the elasticity of the hair
  • help hair better withstand combing, brushing, cleansing without too much damage to its structure
  • increase hair softness
  • reduce hair porosity
  • minimize frizz and dryness
  • improve the appearance of the hair

With conditioning products, you are basically just temporarily improving the state of your hair to make it look, feel and perform like healthy hair, while preventing any future damage to it. If your hair is dry, brittle, highly porous, dull-looking, tangles a lot, has split ends or mid-shaft splits, as well as being less elastic and breaks easily, you should see your hairstylist for a deep conditioning treatment.

Your hairstylist will analyze your hair's texture and state and will determine what type of conditioner you need:

  • fine, limp hair needs a conditioner that can increase body
  • fine, limp and damaged hair needs reconstructors containing a large composition of protein
  • thick, dry hair needs a conditioner that provides softness and moisture
  • hair that requires softening or is very dry needs moisturizing deep conditioners with a lot of oils and emollients

How Does Deep Conditioning Work?

An expensive product does not necessarily mean that it is good, nor does a cheap product mean it does not work one bit. Having a deep understanding of the ingredients found in deep conditioners will help you determine whether the product is going to be effective for your hair type or not. Conditioning agents absorb into the hair, attach to the surface of the hair, making it softer, smoothing the cuticle, reducing flyways and temporarily repairing the hair.

There are 5 types of ingredients you need to be looking for in any deep conditioner:

  • cationic surfactants (behentrimonium methosulfate, behentrimonium chloride, cetrimonium chloride)
  • cationic polymers
  • emollients (cetyl, cetearyl alcohol)
  • oils
  • silicones

In order to get the most moisture possible, apart from focusing on the type and ingredients of the product, you also need to know how the product will be used on the hair. High pH, heat and time are key factors in obtaining the best results. These influence the conditioning agents that must bind to your hair, as well as the number of active ingredients that must penetrate your hair cortex. High pH means that your cuticle will be more open, which makes conditioner really penetrate into the cortex of the hair. The longer the contact between the treatment and your hair, the more the conditioning agents can bind to it, while the active ingredients penetrate into the cortex. Generally, the conditioning effect is present for up to 25-30 minutes, after which the absorption of active ingredients has reached the maximum. As for heat, the hair should be at about 140°F in order to maximize the conditioner's penetration of the cortex.

Get Your Deep Conditioning Done at Plaza Hair Salon!

Deep conditioning is no rocket science, but you do need to be well informed and get a treatment specially designed for your hair in order to get the best results. Come visit us for your customized deep conditioning! Call 858.485.7551 for your appointment.