Date Night Services in Rancho Bernardo at Plaza Hair Salon

Prices for our Date Night Services


Everyone wants to look extra special when going on date night, whether it’s their first, second, or one of many. Celebrating love with your significant other while flaunting a flawless hairstyle will boost your self-confidence and guarantee a successful night out.

Our hairstylists understand the levels of excitement and stress that come in preparation for this type of significant event and are ready to help you spice things up and mold you into a drop-dead-gorgeous date.

Regardless of your skin tone or hair type, the team at Plaza Hair Salon can establish exactly what to do with your hair so you can make a lasting impression. Don’t overthink it; we’ve got you! All you need to do is set up an appointment because some hairstyles take longer to finalize, depending on the hair length and texture. You can give us a call at 858.485.7551 or fill out our appointment form.