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26th January 2022

“ Mai is so talented! She gave me a gorgeous warm-toned balayage. I absolutely adore my new honey blonde and caramel locks.”

Ana P

Balayage can have as many variations as you want, but it really turns heads when you opt for caramel and honey blonde highlights as the warm-toned shades bring richness to your hair. These hues bring warm highlights and enhance the style of your hairstyle. The loose waves add that effortlessly chic look we all need on our busy days.

Balayage with Soft Honey and Caramel Tones

The flowing wavy locks hand-painted in caramel and honey blonde progressively add more depth and dynamics to the ends. We love the brown roots blending smoothly into the caramel and honey blonde highlights. This multidimensional balayage perfectly matches our client's trendy hairstyle full of volume and texture. We painted the honey blonde shades mostly around her face and through the lengths to achieve the natural look of sun-kissed locks, while strands of caramel and brown are running throughout adding more contrast.

We painted the warm shades by hand to achieve the natural effect with smooth transitions between the brown, caramel, and honey blonde tones on the soft waves. No matter how you wear your hair, wavy or straight, this warm-toned balayage will always look stunning, enhancing both the casual or the elegant look of your haircut.

Warm-Toned Balayage at the Plaza Hair Salon

When you want a unique hairstyle, we recommend this technique as each balayage looks different depending on the haircut, the base color, and the natural texture of the hair. The highlights add new shades to your hair color, making it look more fresh and vibrant. Are you interested in going blonde, but not sure if it's for you? Consult with our hairstylists. The blonde highlights can be as understated or vivid as you want them.

Thanks to the hand-painted technique, each properly done balayage looks like a unique artwork, so forget the foils and make an appointment for your balayage.

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