Sophisticated Sombre Hair Colors at Plaza Hair Salon

12th May 2018

“If you're looking for a highlighting technique that's soft, subtle, and easy to grow out, these sombre hair ideas will have you running to our salon.”


Unlike ombre, sombre uses a wider range of colors in realizing the most subtle combinations. Sombre goes even beyond balayage, adding more texture and smoothness to your hair. The colors are melted in lighter tones from its roots to the ends. At Plaza Hair Salon, our clients find professional services and information about the latest innovations in the sombre hair coloring.

Sombre Is Flattering On All The Colors

Sombre is the soft ombre and it allows the easier transition from roots to tips and more resistance of the color between seasons. Every face shape and hair texture can cope with the sombre technique. The contrast between colors is not created abruptly due to the multiple tones inserted in the hair that gradually change from dark to light. Sombre creates special effects on dark and blond hair. Dark haired women are flattered by the soft gold, honey or caramel tones and blonde haired women can enjoy more dramatic effects.

Gorgeous Sombre Ideas for 2018

Subtlety and softness characterize a successful sombre. In the beginning, sombre can be a much time-consuming process, but it will certainly be low- maintainable later. At Plaza Hair Salon, our hairstylists can diversify your sombre with a larger range of shades and tones.

Honey Blonde Sombre

You can get a natural transition and your hair will get that sun-kissed look. The difference between roots and tips is less contrasting and your hair’s growing up roots won’t be a problem anymore.

Ginger and Blonde Sombre

Shading gradually the red headlights can bring you magnetism and the most natural look. A combination of coppery ginger and blonde sombre provides depth, texture and new dimension to your hair.

Emerald Green Sombre

The beauty of a mermaid is reflected by the sea. The beauty of your hair resides in its colors. Combined in a natural way, brunette roots and green tips give you the freshness of the marine world. You will feel priceless like an emerald.

Get Your Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

Come to Plaza Hair Salon and discover the advantages of getting a gorgeous sombre:

  • More protection for your hair as it is not entirely colored, but partially
  • More money saved than when having full highlights done
  • More freedom to choose their place on your hair

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