Soft Caramel to Blonde Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

09th August 2019

“ I always liked blonde hair, but I was not sure it would be the right option for my skin tone. Mai suggested this sombre and I love it. ”

Nicole S.

Just as the name suggests - sombre is ombre’s softer and more sophisticated sister. Sombre is a softer version of ombre, ditched for a subtle graduation of lighter ends.

When a client chooses sombre, we work with more tones throughout her hair to add volume and dimension. To create this delicate soft caramel to blonde sombre we used different shades of blonde, taking the warm caramel hue at the roots and subtly weaving it through the lengths of the hair to create less of a harsh contrast to the blonde ends. The soft caramel roots seamlessly melt together with the warm blonde shades - I find this sombre perfect for our client's long wavy hair. This soft caramel to blonde sombre is perfect for those who find ombre too dramatic and prefer a more elegant and sophisticated look. At Plaza Hair Salon we love to use different shades of brown and blonde to create the perfect, sun-kissed sombre.

5 Reasons to Get Your Caramel to Blonde Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

  • for blondes it is the ideal low-maintenance hairstyle without the hassle of regrowth
  • for brunettes it is quite flattering, painting soft caramel and honey shades to lighten their natural haircolor
  • it is the perfect transition from dark to lighter hair 
  • it goes well with all type of skin tones and haircuts
  • it will add a sophisticated touch to your look

Get Your Soft Caramel to Blonde Sombre at Plaza Hair Salon

Our hairstylists specialize in ombre and sombre techniques. If you wish to try a new hairstyle, hesitate no more. Our professional hairstylists have the knowledge, experience and skills to give your hair a beautiful caramel to blonde sombre. Contact us for an appointment or pay as a visit in our San Diego- based hair salon. We’ll be happy to welcome you in our stylish hair salon in Rancho Bernardo and take care your hair!

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