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06th April 2016

“I decided to pick Plaza Hair Salon for haircut and styling. I was amazed to see the professional advice my hairdresser gave me. I got exactly what I came for, plus some essential tips.”

Ryan F.

A perfect haircut is really easy to have if you remember a few key facts that you should tell your hair stylist. Good hairdressers will always ask you a couple of essential questions, if they don't, make sure to take a proactive approach. It's your hair we are talking about, after all. So when you go for a haircut, and you're being asked by your hairdresser what type of haircut you prefer, these are the exact answers that you should give:

1. Make sure to tell your hair stylist when was the last time you had your haircut

Hairstylists know how long it takes for hair to grow, so, by telling them when was the last time you had a haircut will help them imagine how your hair looked like back then. From that point you can either tell them you want it to look the same or describe what changes you want. And you shouldn't worry about your hair growing at different rates, it happens to most of people.

2. Make sure to tell your hair stylist about your lifestyle

In order to obtain the haircut that you desire, your hairdresser needs to know more about you. Tell her/him where you work, what do you do for fun, where do you prefer to go on weekends, how you usually like to wear your hair, if you put products in it every day for styling, or anything else you may think it can be helpful. Basically, you want a haircut that will fit perfectly with your lifestyle and that will reflect your personality.

3. Make sure to be specific about what you want your hair to look like

For most of us this may sound simple, but most guys are not doing it right. Some of them aren't doing it at all. Hair stylists are experts, but they can't read minds. You can't just place yourself on the chair and wait for them to know exactly what you want. Saying that you want it short on the sides and long on the top won't help them to give you the look you want.

Here are some ways of expressing yourself to get the haircut that you desire:

  • When you tell your hairdresser how long do you want it to be, the best way is to tell her/him in inches (1 inch, 10/2 inches, etc)
  • It can be helpful also to tell the specific number of clippers you want your hairdresser to use. If you don't know what type of clipper adjustment you prefer, ask your hairdresser to start with a longer set and gently get shorter until you find the perfect style.
  • Men that have longer hair need to be more specific about how much hair they want to cut off. Most will tell the hairdresser just to maintain the hair off their collar. This gives a precise and professional look.
  • Men with longer hair will also ask for a layered cut, this gives more movement and dimension to the longer hairstyles.
  • If you don't want your sides to have the same length, ask for a tapered cut, that means your hair will get gradually longer towards the top of your head.
  • Make sure to tell how sharp you want your hair's transition to being from long to short. If you don't want transition, just ask for a shaved part. If you want a conservative style make sure you ask for a natural or blended transition.
  • For more controllable hair, ask your hairdresser to add some texture to the top. Texturing is great for anyone with thicker hair.
  • You can also ask for a tapered neckline or a squared neckline in the back. A tapered neckline is the one that follows your natural hairline, meanwhile, a block hairline cuts straight across. Most people aim for the tapered neckline because it usually looks more natural.
  • Make sure to tell your hairdresser how long you want your fringe to be in the front and if you style it in any way or sweep it to the side.

The point is to be specific enough so that your hair stylist will know exactly what you’re thinking of.

4. Bring a picture of your desired hairstyle. Pictures really help hairdressers visualize what you're looking for and they also serve as a great haircut guide.

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