Rose Gold Color & Haircut

17th June 2018

“I got my hair done for the first time in a couple of years and I absolutely love how it turned out! Mai is so freaking good at doing color. I had a rose gold hair color and haircut.”

Amelia B.

The new revelation that burst into the market of hair-coloring is rose gold, a blonde metallic shade with pink touch. Blonde is a funny color, but pink is even funnier. Their combination creates a juvenile look that everybody adores. At Plaza Hair Salon, we realize the bold or subtle rose gold shade that best matches your personality. You can choose from a multitude of modern hairstyles and relax in the comfortable chair of our salon, enjoying professional services and highly qualitative products.

Trendiest Rose Gold Hairstyles In 2018

Rose gold trend is very popular this year and the preferred hairstyle for blonde and brunette women who want to try a spectacular change of look. At Plaza Hair Salon, our hairstylists can help you achieve the dreamlike glimmering shade of this summer.

1. Rose Gold Brunette

This heavenly color will make you look like the character of a writer’s best-seller. Your hair’s delicate dusty base is touched with rose gold for a nonconformist shade. Rose gold is designed to make your strands shine and recondition any faded color. At Plaza Hair Salon, we use essential nutrients to protect your hair from drying out.

2. Classic Bob & Rose Gold

At Plaza Hair Salon, we turn out a boring short haircut into an exciting, ravishing hairstyle. A subtle shade of gold pink color will give class and elegance to your hair. You will be delighted by the new rose gold formula that revitalizes and gives brightness to your hair.

3. Rose Gold Waterfall

The versatility of a rose gold combination can be better shown by a sideways fishtail braid with a waterfall effect. It is practical and suitable for all types of hair and skin. Every woman can have this hairdo and wear it everywhere, from normal routines to formal meetings.

Easy Steps to Get Your Rose Gold Color

Once you’ve decided to try the new rose gold, come to Plaza Hair Salon and show your favorite hairstyle to our professionals. You will get your beautiful rose gold color in just a few steps.

1. Preparation time

Having protected your clothes from stains of color, we mix carefully the bleach and developer. Then, we divide your hair into four sections, using sectioning clips for 3 of them.

2. Applying the bleach

We apply gently the bleaching combination to your hair’s surface and then, while you are reading a magazine or watching TV. Every 10 minutes, we take care to check the shade of your hair.

3. Using Shampoo & Conditioner

Having achieved the shade we desire, we use professional products to wash and condition your hair. Next, we prepare your hair for getting the rose gold color.

4. Getting the new rose gold

From roots to ends, we apply the new color to your hair. After the required expectation time, your hair is washed with cold water and gently blow-dried. We use a sulfate-free shampoo to keep safe your color and nourishing treatment for texture and more volume.

5. Maintenance and styling

For a long time resistance of your rose gold, we recommend a dry shampoo use and less frequent hair washing. Cold water is also indicated to preserve your color. You should add some rose gold dye in your conditioner bottle, in order to renew your hair’s color.

Get Your Rose Gold Hairstyle at Plaza Hair Salon

Rose gold is the best combination of warm and cool shades, as blonde tends to be more gold and pink goes more on the cool side. Our hairstylists can reveal the secret of a sophisticated rose gold look. If you haven’t decided to make a rose gold yet, here are some advantages of this combination:

  • It is suitable for most face and skin types
  • It is not spotted or stripped, but subtle and discrete
  • It makes your face brighter and reduces your need for more make up

Pay us a visit to Plaza Hair Salon and get an awesome rose gold hairstyle. Call us now at 858.485.7551 or email us at for your appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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