Rose Balayage Highlights on Blonde Hair

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16th March 2018

“I just love these rose balayage highlights! Mai is the best hairstylist in San Diego and that's one of the reasons I come back here each time I want a change.”

Susan B.

There is a very popular technique nowadays that stylists use in order to get a more diffused highlight: Balayage. This technique is basically all about long-painted highlights (without using foil), which often have such natural results – a glow looking like you spent some time in the sun.

Of course, Balayage can have infinite options from blonde shades and soft colors to all sorts of popping tones, but for now, we are going to focus on Rose Gold Balayage that can be applied over blonde hair.

This gorgeous tone is very classy, elegant and unique and it is one of the most captivating trends lately. Rose gold hair is a rather discreet touch which mixes the best in both pink and blonde, creating a bright, girlish style. It is an excellent option for blondes that just think about trying something out of the box. Blonde to rose gold hair normally does not require very much lightening – the color and gloss combinations will be added in succession to create the perfect shade of rose gold hair.

Blonde hair takes on a sparkling playfulness when paired with rose tones. Since there are no great contrasts, placing the highlights evenly throughout the hair often offers the best effect. Also, for a more modern touch, keeping most of the brightness around the face, while concentrating the highlights around the middle to ends of the hair would be the best choice – as the technique adds an instant depth to the look and requires less maintenance.

Rose tones can enrich the dull blonde color, bringing out a sophisticated glow to any skin shade and offering a hair color spectrum that is simply pretty. The color will enhance the peach and gold tones in women with warmer skin tones, as well.

Get Your Rose Balayage Highlights at Plaza Hair Salon

To sum it up, Rose Balayage Highlights on blonde hair is an interesting mix right now, without giving any signs that it will fade out too soon as a trend. So, no matter your age or personality, our professional stylist here, at Plaza Hair Salon, can help you try this fun and challenging new look. Don’t let this special color scare you, as the ‘worse’ it can do is actually just give you a fresh, superb style. Pay us a visit to Plaza Hair Salon and get this awesome rose balayage highlights. Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at for your appointment. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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