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04th January 2016

“I come to Plaza Hair Salon whenever I need hairstyle refreshment. The salon feels cozy and the stylists are always smiling, happy to answer all my questions about my difficult hair.”

Raquel C.

Are you having a good hair day today? If your hair is strong, shiny and luxurious, then you probably are. But if your hair is thin, fine and lacking vitality, you might find it useful to abstain from selfies until you fix this (out-of-shape hair close-ups are no mood boosters). The problem with fine hair is that no matter what you do, it doesn't hold the body for too long. It doesn't bounce into shape and tends to go back to its lifeless state. The good news is that there is hope and the best news is that you have just found the best advice for reviving thin hair, right here. First, the haircut. If your hair is past the shoulders, go for those classy long layers that give volume and make hair so easy to style. Or try a modern, long-layered bob. Second, when you dislike your hair's look, you have a tendency to run your fingers through it all the time. Ditch that habit to keep your hair from getting oily (and flatter looking). The third advice is about styling. You need style to last and waves or curls to bounce back into shape. If you're at home, styling it yourself, you probably blow dry it upside-down in an attempt to force your roots to stand up (the effect is quite impressive for about fifteen minutes).

Your hair needs more than fifteen minutes of glory and your stylist will know exactly what to do. First, a high-quality professional hair treatment specially designed for fine hair care will plump it with long-lasting, bouncy volume. If you're using volumizing conditioners, masks, mousses, sprays at home, it's likely that you'll just weigh your hair down. Your stylist will know exactly what to use and in what quantity to keep your hair lightweight and oil-free.

Then you might need a bit of hair-end clipping to give your hair a healthy appearance while maintaining its desired length. The next step is styling it to perfection with a rounded brush and a blow dryer to curl it away from the scalp.

It might also be an excellent idea to talk to your stylist about changing your hair color. Playing with highlights and lowlights will also create the illusion of thickness.

There's a lot you can do about your hair and there's even more than our hairstylists can do at Plaza Hair Salon. Our specialty is giving you a picture perfect hair day!

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