Multidimensional Hair Color

03rd July 2022

“I wanted to add some vivid colors to my hair. It looks really amazing.”

Rose N

Some women are just unsatisfied with one color on their hair and hence decide to get their hair colored in various shades. Our client has naturally brown hair with vivid face-framing locks that make her hairstyle unique. She wanted to go with a partial highlight because she likes having those colorful, eye-catching locks framing her face. The hairstreaks with vivid colors like purple, pink and platinum blonde create a contrast with the base color drawing attention to her beautiful face.

Add dimension to your hair with highlights

At Plaza Hair Salon, we love to use highlights (lighter than the base color) and lowlights (darker than the base color) to make our clients’ hair look multidimensional and sexy.

If you feel ready for a hair transformation but want to keep your natural hair color, highlighted strikes can be the best option. When you come to Plaza Hair Salon, our hairstylists can help you decide which highlights are right for you. No matter what highlights you opt for, they will enhance the base color of your hair and add more dimension to it.

  • Choosing shades that differ from your natural hair color will require more maintenance and care.
  • You’ll need to invest in professional high-quality hair care products to maintain those vivid colors for longer.

Ask our stylists what products and treatments they suggest to ensure the protection of your colorful new hues.

How to maintain your dyed hair healthy and bright?

1. The more you wash your hair, the quicker the colors will fade. The best way to avoid that is to wash your hair only twice a week.

2. Use the right products; color protective shampoos were invented for a reason. Regular shampoos can wash away your color or accelerate color fade. We can recommend shampoos and conditioners that can protect your hair color, helping you keep those beautiful vivid colors for a longer time.

3. Conditioning is a must because dyed hair becomes more fragile, so use oils and quality conditioners to keep your hair healthy. Hair masks can add an extra dose of nourishment that helps to repair damage and keep your lock healthy and shiny.

4. We recommend minimizing your hair’s exposure to heat styling. The heat from blow-dryers, straightening irons and curling tongs may damage your already fragile hair and compromise its radiant color.

5. Using a UV filter is a must as the sun fades the color faster, but using a conditioner before exposure helps maintain the color longer. If you plan to spend time out in the sun, we recommend using a UV filter finishing spray to keep your tresses shiny and bright as one of the biggest enemies of long-lasting vibrant hair color is the UV light from the sun.

6. Going to a skilled and experienced hairstylist is essential. The lightning process can be done safely with a professional who has had the right training and skills. Aside from the lightning process, you should know that professional hairstylists use high-quality products, which you might not find in any store. Sometimes you need multiple visits to the hair salon to lighten your hair and achieve the desired colors. Applying vivid colors to your hair requires an experienced and certified hairstylist who knows the coloring product line well and can avoid unnecessary hair damage.

Get your vibrant hair color at Plaza Hair Salon

Nowadays, vivid colors are the most wanted and purple, pink, blue shades are on the top of the list. At Plaza Hair Salon, we combine lilac, lavender, emerald green, electric blue, and other shades to give you the most spectacular hair color.

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