Mike's Haircut and His Transformation from Boy to Little Man!

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13th February 2015

“I really love my haircut! Mai was nice and I had fun, the people here are really nice. I would like to come back here again when I’ll have to cut my hair again.”

Mike R.

Little boys are full of fun 24/7, so why not give your little man a hairstyle that matches his personality? From short spiky strands to long curly locks and trendy mohawks, boys look good with almost any hairstyle out there. Always remember to choose the style that is right for your boy’s hair type and attitude! Well, at least until they personally decide what they want to get at the hair salon.

Mike’s cool new short hairstyle suits his big personality like a glove! The haircut is low maintenance, with its short back and sides, slightly longer on top. It is a hairstyle that grows out well and works well with crazy cowlicks or any growth patterns a boy could have. We are sure that Mike here will never have a bad hair day with his new look! For a cool touch, little product can be added for special occasions. Styling is just as easy as 1-2-3!

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