Mermaid Hair at Plaza Hair Salon

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27th June 2022

“This is the coolest hair color I've ever had! Thank you, Mai. It looks stunning.”

Mia R.

Thanks to Walt Disney, we know that mermaids love long curly locks and vivid hair color. We also know that mermaids love all the shades of blue, green, purple, and pink these days. The modern mermaids want colorful, striking tresses, no matter what hairstyle they wear, pixie or long braids.

If you've always admired the mermaids' beautiful hair, now is the time to call your hairstylist for an appointment to get those colorful locks. Mermaid hair color is all the rage in 2022; you'll find hundreds of images and posts dedicated to it.

Ladies, unleash your inner mermaid this summer. There are countless options to get those mermaid locks; the limit is only in your or your hairstylist's imagination. When you are ready to try the mermaid hair, the next step is to select the colors, there are dozens of eye-popping mermaid hair color combinations to choose from.  These days mermaids love to wear all the colors of the rainbow on their hair, from blue and green shades to pink, gray, and purple.

Get Your Mermaid Hair Color at Plaza Hair Salon

At Plaza Hair Salon, all our hairstylists have the skills, experience, and knowledge to create the perfect color combination to achieve that mermaid vibe. You don't want a dramatic change for your look? You are not ready to get an all-over mermaid hair color? No problem, you can still opt for mermaid hair highlights, keeping your natural hair color or add some vivid shades to the underlayers of your hairstyle.

Yes, we agree; mermaid hair color looks perfect on long curly locks, but long hair is not necessary to get that mermaid effect. We can do it on short hair, and you can be sure it will turn some heads.

Our tip for beautiful mermaid locks:

  1. If you want your hair color to look vibrant for a long time, investing in high-quality products is a must.
  2. If you want beautifully colored mermaid hair, contacting an experienced, creative, and skillful hairstylist is essential.

Mermaid Hair Color for Inspiration

  • Green-teal roots melting into indigo
  • Pastel mermaid hair
  • Dar blue with vibrant green streaks
  • Colorful pink, purple and blue ombre
  • Dark blue to aquamarine ombre
  • Indigo with electric blue and purple highlights
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