Linda's Short Layer Root Touch up and Highlight

22nd April 2015

“I tested a lot of non-permanent products for covering roots in between salon visits because I had a tough time getting to a hair salon lately. I’ll be back at Plaza Hair Salon for my next root touch up for sure!”

Linda A.

Gray hair is not really “the soul of the party” in many people’s lives but let us face it: we are not getting any younger! Up until more and more gray hairs appear, it is not that hard to tolerate them and make no attempt to hiding them. However, if it has been 6 weeks since your last hair coloring, you might notice your pesky roots showing up again.


Most women embark on a tedious, decades-long mission to retain their natural hair color but many begin to resent it after some time, as they find it harder to get into the rhythm of a scheduled appointment at the hairdresser. This will inevitably lead to some days of the month when silvery roots will make their presence known, which can be depressing for many people who are going gray.

Silvery roots can make your hair look like it is thinning and pulling away from your head. There are a number of products designed to help cover your roots, but most of them are nonpermanent. If you are a mom in a hurry, they might do the trick up until you have the time to make an appointment. However, many products are not really the pick of the litter and results can sometimes be disappointing. At Plaza Hair Salon, we are here to help you get rid of the noticeable difference between colored and natural hair when the roots begin to grow.

For Linda, a root touch up was needed and a short layer with some highlights to add a youthful and warm appearance. Highlights and short layers can work miracles, but remember that highlights must always be chosen according to your skin tone, facial traits, and natural hair color, in order to achieve a great look.

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