Kyle's Perm and Haircut

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19th April 2015

“I just love the result! It looks so stylish and the awesome part is that I don’t have to spend half an hour styling it. I highly recommend Mai and the great staff at Plaza Hair Salon!”

Kyle O.

If I were to describe the 80s fashion in JUST one word, that would be “the perm”. This classic and iconic hairstyle symbolizes 80s fashion for both men and women. It stuck around until the 90s when flatter, slicker hair was becoming more and more popular. Many thought the days of the perm are long gone, however, the man perm is making a real comeback and will probably be here to stay for a while. And I am not talking just about the rave it is causing among the stylish hipsters – take a look at the men on the catwalks and be amazed!

The perm is a chemical method that involves taking the hair in small sections and wrapping them around rods. To get that perfect, uniform curl, the hair is then coated with a cold wave solution that changes the chemical structure of the hair shaft when put under heat. Next, the hair is neutralized at the backwash. This ensures the pH balance if the hair remains at its natural state, thus avoiding damage or breakage. Lastly, the hair is conditioned as normal. You can use products and leave-in formulas to make sure your perm stays defined, frizz-free and free from damage.

There are many perm styles for men and they can suit anyone with any hair color, hair texture, age, skin color and facial shape, ensuring the cut is right! You can get anything from a fun, to cool, elegant or stylish look with a perm, so you cannot go wrong with it. Sometimes, perms are used to straighten the curly or wavy hair, but most guys go for the opposite.

And if these are not enough to help you decide to get a perm, you should know that (perhaps) the most appealing aspect of this hairstyle is the low maintenance it needs. Just wash, spray and go! You can have the perfect quaff without blowdrying, shaping and styling for minutes in front of the mirror.

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