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11th January 2016

“My hair is not just straight now. It’s silky straight! This is what I love about Plaza Hair Salon: I always get the loveliest hairstyle and the moment I leave the Salon, my hair gets admired for the fab style.”

Kizzy A.

Impeccably shiny, pin straight hair always takes a lot of work whether your hair is naturally straight or frenetically curly. Because even if you were born with it, you still need to tame those frizzy ends to achieve an effortlessly gorgeous look. For girls with curls, the effort is even greater: after the taming part, their hair needs to stay totally sweat-free. Plus, any tiny drop of rain can spell disaster.

The most important advice for type 4 hair or any other challenging hair type is: go to a professional hairstylist whom you trust. First, because they can diminish close to zero the damage done by the heat hair straightener.

Absolutely perfect pin straight hair takes a lot of work, but the spectacular result makes it worth: it can change your look to the point that even your friends will wonder if that gorgeous appearance is really you. So when you decide to go for it, make sure you have the time, the patience and your hopes the highest.

You will need special conditioning to soften your hair and make it easier to "defeat". After that, there comes the second most important step: the brushing. Continuous, vigorous brushing, sectioning off and working on each individual segment just like when using the hair straightener. Having it properly conditioned and straight-brushed ensures a flawless, longer-lasting result when it comes to the third step: professional heat straightening.

Each hair segment must have the same thickness and the sections must be clearly delimited so that the same hair strand only gets the heat treatment once (already straight hair shouldn't get mingled with curls as unnecessary over-heating can be really damaging). Straightening your hair shows its real length and adds versatility to hair styling.

Again, styling it at home often means using hair products that can get it wet, unstable and even curly again. Or, the totally open and sincere idea is: if you really want to have your hair go through the heat-straightening process, make sure it's thoroughly worth it. Keeping it sexy and flowing is easier with the help of some products that make the most of the whole straightening job.

Your stylist will know exactly what products to use, the perfect amounts that don't weigh your hair down or make it humid. If your hair tends to frizz and fuzz around the hairline, they'll probably use an anti-frizz serum or a leave-in.

Plus hairspray to protect against humidity, allow it to hold style and frizz-proof it to perfection even in the heat of the wildest party.

The stylist will also give you important advice on how to protect your hair while you sleep, or how to use a hairspray at home when you style it in the morning (spraying some hairspray onto your brush and running it through your hair could do the trick, but depends on the hair type).

No matter how difficult your hair is, if you need a flawless job and a pin-straight hair to last until the next wash, come to Plaza Hair Salon.

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