Ryker’s Haircut at Plaza Hair Salon

06th May 2018

“I like this haircut very much. It is cool and his friends like it too. Thank you Plaza Hair Salon!”

Ryker's Mom

Nowadays kids’ hairstyle has become very important among the boys of all ages. Not only the girls but also the boys want to be trendy and good looking. Most of the boys are much concerned about their hairstyle. The boys don’t need an old-fashioned haircut, because their classmates might bully them.

Awesome Haircuts for Kids with Short Hair

At Plaza Hair Salon we like to keep your kids informed about modern and stylish haircuts. Our professional hairstylists can help you choose the right haircut for your little boy. Here are some cool haircut ideas for your little man:


This is a trendy hairstyle, suitable for everybody because not only the boys, but also the grown-ups can adopt it. This haircut can be used for all types of hair. It emphasizes a kid’s facial characteristics and offers distinction and high-class. The hair is of medium length on the top and short on the sides. Your kid could choose also one of the variations of this style: undercut hairstyle with shaved sides and undercut hairstyle with longer layered at the top.

Taper Cut

With the new taper cut haircut, your little man will have a chic and easy-maintainable hair. Taper cut is a simple classic hairstyle that can be used for boys of all ages. If your boy has a straight hair, short forehead, and oval face, then this is the best choice for him.

Classic Haircut & Style

At Plaza Hair Salon we take care of your boy’s outfit and we are very creative when speaking about your little man’s hair design. This classic haircut & style will never go out of trend and the kids adore it. It is suitable for all hair types and for all faces structures, as well. Some short spikes are left on the top and the sides are shaved. The point-cutting technique enhances your boy’s hair with lots of shapes, from simple lines to sophisticated figures. At Plaza Hair Salon our professionals make tiny cuts and realize a long lasting good looking only by changing the numbers of their clippers. Both kid and father will love it.

If you think about giving your little boy the chance to change his look, here are some advantages of choosing a short haircut:

  • It’s comfortable - your kid will feel free, not tousled;
  • It’s original - your kid will feel unique and more confident;
  • It’s easy to maintain - no need for extra shampoos or conditioners;

Professional Products and Impeccable Services

At Plaza Hair Salon we use professional equipment: clippers and scissors, specially conceived for the kids’ tiny skin, soft shampoos and conditioners and efficient hair treatment products. Bring your kid to our salon and put him in our comfortable chair! We take care of the rest.

Give Your Kid a New Look at Plaza Hair Salon

Your kid’s hair is our passion and we make his haircut funny and enjoyable. Healthy hair means happy children and parents. Plaza Hair Salon is the perfect place for children of all ages. Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at appointment@plazahairsalon.com and our experienced hairstylists will give your kid an awesome haircut. Walk-ins are always welcome too!

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