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23rd December 2015

“It was my first time at Plaza Hair Salon and I must say the service was fantastic. I had my hair cut and styled and I got some great hair care advice from the stylist.”

Julie B.

According to a new poll, men prefer curls over straight hair when it comes to feminine attractiveness. In fact, the vast majority find wavy locks the sexiest hairstyle on a woman. Holidays are coming and you might want to try a new, irresistible hairdo to turn heads at the Christmas party.

Having a wavy hairstyle sounds an easy job, but discuss it with your stylist first, as it also means getting rid of those inaesthetic split ends and, most important, having it last as long as you need it (it should maintain its elegant freshness all through that great dancing Christmas party). Also, try to get the stylist’s opinion about the ideal hair length and shape to match your face type.

If your face is round, then you probably need an asymmetrical haircut, with a deep parting on the side, or a symmetrical one but with layers that hit at jaw level. And keep short layers from frizzing and creating unnecessary angles. A bit of high-quality smoothing serum should do the trick. If your chin is pointed and your cheekbones wide (most probably a heart-shaped type), wavy locks that touch your cheeks will look perfect. And there’s another secret: a lighter hair shade from jaw-level down will perfectly balance proportions.

We, at Plaza Hair Salon, know that you need your hairstyle to last. So we first condition your hair (an intensely pampering experience, at least that’s what our clients say), to make it perfectly manageable. Then we style it, brush it to perfection and you are ready to hit the dance floor in style!

Our job is to make you really happy about your new haircut and decide if the fabulous one you’ve seen in the magazine will actually look just as amazing on you. It’s the magic season, with all the lights and laughs and parties. If you feel that your hair needs some magic too, come to Plaza Hair Salon.

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