Judy's Permanent and Layer Cut

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24th March 2015

“Mai is very good at what she does! I honestly didn’t expect the result to be so stunning, it totally makes a difference from my previous hairstyle. I’ll definitely be back at Plaza Hair Salon!”

Judy S.

Layered hair is a widespread hairstyle that gives the illusion of length and volume – long hair for the illusion of length and short hair for volume. The top layers blend apparently seamlessly with layers beneath as hair is arranged into layers, with shorter top layers than the layers beneath.

It is easy to style and manage your hair, so many women choose to color their natural hair to amplify the layering effect in a certain hairstyle. In order to achieve this layered hair effect, we take sections of your hair vertically across the head, pulling it perpendicular to the head and cutting straight across. There are a number of techniques used for achieving a layered hairstyle and they all depend on what you are aiming to get.

From the sliding haircut to the graduated bob, angled bob, or the blended elevation and reverse graduation, Plaza Hair Salon can provide you with popular hairstyles to match your facial traits and personality!

Layers typically look great on all face shapes and, depending on how they are styled. Judy had naturally curly hair, so layers and permanent worked wonders on her hair! Hair care is crucial after a perm, so make sure that you are using a light hair shampoo and a light hair conditioner on your entire length and finish it off by conditioning the bottom part with a heavier conditioner if you opt for a curly perm. By doing so, you will have lush, shiny locks, heavy enough to fall freely and naturally.

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