John’s Layered Haircut Adds a Touch of Laid-back Sophistication

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21st January 2016

“My hair used to be more manageable before, but now it was almost impossible to make it obedient if it weren’t for my favorite stylist here, at Plaza Hair Salon. ”

John R.

Think of it this way: going gray is actually about growing more sophisticated, more mature, more experienced, more profound and ultimately sexier. So the question is: what hairstyle matches really the intriguingly complex personality of the modern-day salt-and-pepper-haired men? We surely don’t have all the answers. Only the best, so check ’em out!

A little disclaimer first: gray hair comes with a different texture, drier and coarser, because oil glands shrink in time and don’t produce as much sebum as necessary to make hair soft and shiny. But don’t worry, a gifted hairstylist overcomes any difficulty with the right (lightweight and maybe keratin-infused) styling products. It’s better to let a professional use and choose them, since gray hair tends to take on a greasy look quickly.

Medium haircuts are great if hair is still full and thick: longer layers in the front with a blow-out effect, while the sides and back are trimmed short.

A marine-style buzz haircut is a great option for men with thinning hair. Being gray has also an advantage, as there are no strong color contrasts between scalp and hair.

Another great gray haircut with a fresh and youthful attitude is the Caesar-style: short and neat, but with a horizontally-cut fringe that allows for various styling possibilities (mussed, spiky?). This haircut is perfect for men who prefer a low-maintenance style and (incredibly) for those who want to camouflage a receding hairline (think of Sting and his rebel silver spikes).

Side-parted hairstyles are also easy to maintain and look incredibly stylish, especially when evenly scissored to the back and sides to add texture and give the illusion of fullness. Extremely versatile, a side-parted haircut will easily grow into a distinguished, swept-over hairstyle.

As gray hair strands have a tendency to frizz and appear dull, any hairstyle can become quite a challenge without the proper hair care and styling products. Your stylist will carefully assess hair quality prior to product selection, in terms of thickness, manageability, and bounce. He or she will also give you the best advice for at-home gray hair care. Here are the first two of them: always use special gray hair shampoos to boost shine and prevent oxidation (the annoying process that makes silver hair turn yellow and even greenish); don’t forget to deep condition your hair regularly, because mature hair requires more moisture.

Whatever your haircut and color, Plaza Hair Salon is the ideal place to find yourself the most flattering hairstyle and groom it to perfection. Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at for your appointment.

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