Joann’s Features Complemented by the Best Red Hair Color for Her

18th January 2016

“I came to Plaza Hair Salon to have my hair cut and colored, but I left with much more than that: an intense feeling of being stylish, like I’ve just found a totally unexpected and wonderful way to express my personality.”

Joann W.

It can be as sexy as red lipstick and cover a comparably wide spectrum of shade variants based on brightness, tone and level. Here are some of the hottest red hair color choices that make heads turn this year: strawberry blondish, for girls who love being blonde but with a warmer, sun-kissed overall tone; bright orange-red, a color that looks ravishing with a porcelain skin; amber red with those warm golden tones that really set off blue eyes; dark plum, great for dark skin tones and dark auburn, an elegant combination of brown and deep red. 

Super pale complexions go wonderfully with a carroty hair color as it makes features really stand out. Darker complexions are best complemented by rich apricot hues of red. As you can see, choosing the perfect red for your hair is no simple thing, but a good colorist is capable of actually suiting the right red hair color for any skin color, complexion or haircut. Yes, the haircut is also important and hair length should be considered too: copper red will awesomely enhance a graduated bob and doll-like vibrant orange color looks at its best when you keep your hair at a doll-like sophisticated length.

Your colorist might also suggest a multi-tonal look that adds a sparkling dimension to your hair and does wonders to thin hair. When you really trust your colorist, you shouldn't be afraid to experiment. Dark brown blends fabulously with caramel brown especially when you add volume and sexy waves to the color combo, bright copper falling into honey blonde enhance your femininity and more so if you go for a feathered hairstyle, while peach-colored highlights look fabulous on a dark brown base.

If you go for an all-over red, you should know that red hair color tends to fade quickly, so you need to take the best care of it in between retouches to preserve tone and shine.

On the contrary, highlights are not as demanding. In fact, highlighting is one of the most convenient ways to make your hairstyle stand out.

If you want to maintain your lovely hair color or your hair is differently colored and you wish to experiment on a new shade, come to Plaza Hair Salon. Our stylists and colorists have all the experience, skills and inspiration it takes to make you 100% happy about your hair. Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at for your appointment.  

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