Perfect Hairstyle for Busy Women

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28th February 2022

“I have a busy schedule every day, so when I called for an appointment, I told Mai that I need a hairstyle that's easy to maintain and looks chic at any hour of the day. The result is fabulous!”

Lana M

Are you running out of time every morning? Do you need a low-maintenance hairstyle for your medium hair that looks stylish all day long? Want to try out a new hairstyle that goes well with your natural hair color? Look no further.

There is an array of gorgeous hairstyles, but many of them are impossible to wear daily. If you have a super hectic program, you need a simple but chic everyday hairstyle.

Balayage, ombre, and sombre have become very popular in the last few years, and not only because there are some of the most low-maintenance hairstyles. These three hairstyles are the perfect option for all those busy women out there who rarely have enough time for their hair in the morning, but still want to turn some heads.

Try a New Hairstyle That Makes You Feel Chic and Confident

We all love to look gorgeous even on our busiest days, so we recommend you to try this hairstyle instead of a ponytail or bun. Your hand-painted wavy locks will look up-to-date for business meetings and elegant cocktail parties.

This head-turning hairstyle blends brown, warm chestnut notes with a slight touch of red. A brown to chestnut ombre or balayage are the best options for those who want to experiment with color without going too bold and don't have time for constant touch-ups.

We painted our client's natural brown hair to seamlessly blend in dimensional chestnut and red tones. The result is fabulous: while the roots stay brown, the brunette locks melt to shades of chestnut as the hair slowly lightens down the length in soft chestnut highlights throughout the hair.

We created a subtle transition without a visible line that separates the brown base from the lighter tones. Thanks to this smooth color transition, the hair will grow out naturally with no constant touch-ups at our salon.

Wear this with flat, tousled waves, and you'll have a blast! Many of our clients love this low-maintenance hairstyle that looks great for any occasion.

Get Your New Hairstyle at Plaza Hair Salon

When it comes to trying a new hair color, there are so many options available that deciding can be difficult. At our San Diego-based hair salon, we gladly help you with the decision-making process to find the hairstyle that is suitable for your skin tone and natural hair color.

For brunettes we also recommend:

  • Brown To Blonde Ombre
  • Chocolate Brown to Chestnut Ombre
  • Brown to Honey Blonde Balayage
  • Brown to Caramel Balayage
  • Brown to Burgundy Sombre
  • Chocolate to Burgundy Sombre
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