Haircuts and Trendy Highlights for Teens at Plaza Hair Salon

25th March 2018

“My new haircut rocks! All my friends asked me where I got this awesome haircut, and I told them. At the one and only Plaza Hair Salon!”

Aaron C.

From hipster haircuts to sporty, there are a lot of hairstyles for boys, depending on their hair type and length. A small change, such as a modern, trendy haircut can give a teen a boost of confidence, enrich his personality and actually help him look amazing.

The newest highlights can also have a saying over this change, as they can add interesting visual textures to the style. As highlighting basically means ‘to emphasize’, that is exactly the result you will achieve regarding the hair texture and layers. Our professional stylist know exactly how your hair should look at its best – they will paint small pieces of hair, especially around the hairline and on top of the head, boosting the grit and still offering a natural look, without any risks attached. Just remember that brown to dark blonde highlights work best on dark hair and blonde or platinum tones are usually applied to the lighter color hair.

The best haircuts for boys are an interesting mix of old and new, with a few fresh, never seen before styles. One can opt for a textured crop - which contrasts a line along the temple, for the more conservative short & preppy, for the natural curly crop, the fade, the modern pompadour or for the updated classic.

Also, let’s not forget about the neckline hair designs – boys can choose this type of hair work which can imply very complex patterns, as it can add a touch of unique to he hairstyle. The Jugged Neckline, the Reverse Fade, the X-ray Design, the Asymmetrical Neckline or the Burst Fade Mohawk are just some of the specials our stylists will be more than happy to perform for your looks.

Teens have plenty of options that can help them better define their personality and, as mentioned, one can always rely on the natural hair color or various highlighting techniques to create even more daring styles.

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