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05th September 2017

“I am that kind of man who pays a lot of attention to details. I like to have a perfectly trimmed beard, a haircut that flatters me and properly ironed shirts and trousers. Mai did a great job and understood exactly what I wanted!”

Mark S.

Apart from finding a highly trained and experienced hair stylist, communication is also crucial to a successful outcome. How can he offer what you want, if he does not know what you want? So here is some advice that will help you on your next visit to the salon.

What Should Your Barber or Hair Stylist Know?

First of all, there is room for interpretation when you try to explain to him what your expectations are. The best way is to show him a picture of the haircut or beard trim you want. But sometimes, showing a picture is not enough either. The stylist will tell you if it is appropriate for your face shape and hair type. So be open to suggestions and don't storm out of the door if he tells you that a certain beard or hairstyle will not flatter you.

If you do not know what kind of beard and hairstyle you want, just talk to your barber. If you had the same haircut over the past years, but you would want to try something new, you can trust the professionals at Plaza Hair Salon. He can show you pictures from a catalog and also explain why a certain style would suit you. No matter if you have a hair that is too thick or too thin, curly or straight, there is a perfect haircut for you. Just tell your barber how much time you are willing to spend in the morning to style it.

All this advice applies only if you have a good barber or stylist. At Plaza Hair Salon the stylists will spend as much time as you need to explain what your expectations are, without rushing you. You will be pampered, and the appointment will feel like a day at the spa.  If you do not have a style of your own already, the stylists at Plaza Hair Salon will tell which one would work better for you.

Do not be afraid to ask everything that you need to know about your beard, such as: what is the best style option for your beard, how long can you grow it while still keep it professional, what shave products to use to keep clean lines on your cheeks and neck or what you can do to keep your beard freshly cleaned. The more information you have, the easier will be for you to keep your beard perfectly trimmed and stylish.

Pay us a visit to Plaza Hair Salon and we'll take care of your hair with extra caution no matter the service you require. Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at for your appointment. We also welcome walk-ins! 

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