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06th September 2017

“My 8-year old daughter told me one day that she would like a new haircut. My daughter only told her that she wanted it shorter, so Mai recommended her a bob haircut that perfectly fits her face. Thank you, Plaza Hair Salon!”

Hilda O.

Shorter hair is easier to wash and style, and it is associated with an active lifestyle. Not every girl is eager to have her long hair chopped off, but for those who do there are some haircuts that can make them look brighter and chicer. If she wants a shorter length but feels uncertain about very short haircuts, she can choose from these hairstyles.

A Shorter Cut for Wavy Hair

If your daughter has wavy, thick hair the short haircut with angles would be a good choice for her. The haircut has a slightly longer length on the side and you can also opt for the bangs to soften the style.

Shorter Twists for Curly Hair

Curly hair can get unmanageable and frizzy when it grows too long. So why torture your kid with harsh combing, hair products, and tight pony tails when you can choose the shorter twists and let her enjoy her childhood?

Straight Bob with Bangs

The sleek, straight bob with bangs is the perfect compromise if your daughter wants shorter hair, but you still want a more feminine look for her. 

Simple, Short Bob

The simple, short bob is flattering for all face shapes and any age. Your daughter will love it and it would be no surprise if she will never grow weary of it.

Graphic Bob

The graphic bob has cropped horizontal bangs with accurate edges. It is easy to style and it looks the best with dark hair.

Shoulder Layered Bob

The shoulder-grazing bob with textured ends flatters girls with long, oval or triangular face shapes.

Short Pixie

I left this haircut at the end because it is for the courageous little girls who want a really short hairstyle. It is a cute and sweet hairstyle that will go with any face shape. She will look like a little fairy.

Bring Your Kids at Plaza Hair Salon for an Awesome Haircut!

As you can see, there are dozens of hairstyle for your daughter if she decides she wants a change. Do not be afraid of letting her have her hair cut. She can grow it back if she wants. And if you choose the Plaza Hair Salon you will know for sure that this experience will not be a disaster. They know what they are doing and most of all, they can help you make the right choice if you are not sure what haircut to choose.

Pay us a visit to Plaza Hair Salon and we'll offer your child an awesome haircut! Call 858.485.7551 or e-mail us at for your appointment. We also welcome walk-ins! 

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